Akinola Raymond

Wing, Center, Scrum-Half / Old Toe Rugby, Maryland Exiles, Elite Citys 7s, Philly Elite 7s, Northeast ODA 7s



Akinola Raymond was born in Nigeria. Ever since his arrival in the United States, Raymond has cultivated a love for rugby with numerous rugby experiences in the Elite 7s such as the Serevi town 7s, Elite City 7s, 2012 High School All American 7s, Marfu 7s all-star, Philly elite 7s and the Northeast ODA 7s. Akinola recently signed a 2 year agreement with the Pro Rugby Agency.

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March 17, 1995 (age 22)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


170 lb (77 kg; 12 stone 2 lb)


Old Toe Rugby, Maryland Exiles, Elite Citys 7s, Philly Elite 7s, Northeast ODA 7s


Wing, Center, Scrum-Half

Akinola Raymond Loves Netflix

Akinola Raymond loves finding a new epic series on Netflix. He will binge watch a show for hours, but when he is an episode or two away from finishing, he will stop himself from finishing. He says

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Akinola Raymond Recalls Playing High School Rugby

Akinola Raymond attended the only public school with a Rugby team in his area. Unfortunately for them, they were constantly matched up against private school teams who had been playing together for

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When does Akinola Raymond do Cardio?

For 15’s, Akinola Raymond does not do any cardio exercises because he simply hates them. However, the high-paced nature of 7’s forces him to work on his fitness. Raymond’s typical cardio workout wi

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Akinola Raymond's Career Evolution

Akinola Raymond’s successful high school career led him to playing rugby for the University of Maryland. However, a neck injury made Raymond reevaluate his playing situation, and he opted to instea

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When did Akinola Raymond start Playing Rugby?

Akinola Raymond played rugby for the first time when he was a 13 year-old freshman in high school. He learned about the sport through a popular TV show, and was eager to begin playing. Luckily, Ray

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Akinola Raymond's Least Favorite Workout

Aki Raymond’s least favorite workout is cardio. For 7’s he follows an intense fitness regimen to ensure he is well-conditioned for his matches.  His least favorite thing about cardio is that it “ki

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Akinola Raymond's Training Routine

Akinola Raymond trains differently whether he is preparing for 7’s or 15’s. During 15’s he focuses on building size and strength through power lifting and core exercises. In contrast, the increased

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Akinola Raymond's Perfect Day Off

Akinola Raymond loves video games. A self-described “tech-geek”, Raymond says that the perfect day off is when he can sit in front of his PC and play League of Legends. He candidly says that if it

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Akinola Raymond's Position on the Pitch

In high school, Raymond typically played scrum-half and wing. As a professional, his position varies based on whether his is playing 15’s or 7’s, and who he is playing with. For 7’s Raymond excels

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Akinola Raymond's Advice for when Playing on a Losing Team

“Losing isn’t the worst thing that can happen”, says professional rugby player Akinola Raymond. The best advice he can give to a kid on a losing team is to just keep playing. He urges young ruggers

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