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Lock / USA Rugby South Panthers and Capital Selects



Alex Czajkowski is a 9-year Army veteran turned professional rugby player. Czajkowski has played rugby at the professional level for 13 years. He currently plays for the Capital Rugby Union Select team since its commencement and now has been selected to play for USA Rugby South.

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December 14, 1984 (age 33)


6 ft 5 in (196 cm)


275 lb (125 kg; 19 stone 9 lb)


USA Rugby South Panthers and Capital Selects



Calories consumed per day


Alex Czajkowski on Joining the Tasman Makos High Performance Team

Alex Czajkowski is joining the Tasman Makos High Performance Team which is a member of the Mitre Ten Cup (think AAA equivalent to the MLB). In this video, he talks about taking the next step in his

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Alex Czajkowski Previews his Next Season

Alex Czajkowski is taking a huge step forward next season and will be playing for the Tasman Mako High Performance Team in New Zealand. In this video, Alex shares what he is most excited for about

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Fatherhood with Alex Czajkowski

Even though he is moving to New Zealand to take the next step in his rugby career, the biggest challenge in Alex Czajkowski’s life is happening away from the pitch: parenthood. In this video, Alex

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Alex Czajkowski on his Transition to New Zealand Rugby

Alex Czajkowski recently moved to New Zealand to take the next step in his professional rugby career. In this video, Czajkowski talks about his transition into a higher level of rugby, and explains

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What is the Hardest Thing About Living in New Zealand?

In addition to all of the on-field challenges, Alex Czajkowski is learning how to adjust to life away from the pitch. In this video, Czajkowski shares the hardest parts about living in New Zealand.

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Congratulations to the Czajkowski Family!

Like A Pro would like to congratulate Alex and Katie on the birth of their daughter, Wyatt Evelyn Czajkowski! Born May 11, 11:52pm 19 inches, 7.6 lbs!

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Don't Bet Against Alex Czajkowski

Alex Czajkowski has been surrounded by doubters his entire life. However, despite some negativity, Alex has continued to make tremendous strides in his professional life. In this video, he explains

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Alex's Favorite Pre-Workout

I just got the new Methyl Pump 3.0 preworkout and I absolutely love it. Amazing stuff, and tastes great!! This is something I incorporate with every training session as well as game days. If you're

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Live Stream Alex Czajkowski and Alex Diegel's Match

On January 29th at 3:15 Eastern Time, Alex Czajkowski and Alexander Diegel take on Stars Rugby. Stream the match here for free.

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Alex Czajkowski's Highlight Video

The beast from the East, the big-bearded 8-man, the mountain in motion, Alex Czajkowski is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. Alex plays his club rugby for the Richmond Lions, as well as sev

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Alex Czajkowski Has A Lot To Be Thankful For

What I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. I'm short the basic things in life. We live in a world unfortunately where some people don't really know where their next meal is coming from. Having a roof

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The Importance of Set Pieces in Rugby

One of the keys of 15 man rugby, is the line out. When the ball goes out of bounds, the opposing team is awarded a line out - essentially a restart of the game where one player throws the ball back

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Alex Czajkowski Spends Time with Miracle League

With a busy and hectic schedule it’s sometimes easy to lose perspective about what truly matters. Alex Czajkowski is no different. Czajkowski talks about his work with the Miracle League, an organi

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Alex Czajkowski’s Training Routine

For Professional Rugby player Alex Czajkowski, training never stops. Czajkowski explains his training routine that keeps him in shape year round.

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Watch This funny Video of Alex Czajkowski's Dog Lambo

Alex Czajkowski/Youtube  

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Alex Czajkowski Shares His Favorite Recipe

In his free time, professional rugby player Alex Czajkowski enjoys spending time in the kitchen. He recently shared one of his favorite recipes with Like A Pro.  Lemon Swordfish with Mint a

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Alex Czajkowski Explains His Position on the Pitch

From getting lifted in line-outs to pushing in the scrum, Locks play an important role in 15’s rugby. Alex Czajkowski explains the role of a lock in this video.

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Alex Czajkowski’s Mini Vacations

With a schedule packed with work, training, and playing rugby, Alex Czajkowski finds time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with his friends and dog. Czajkowski shares some of his favorite day

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How Alex Czajkowski Started Playing Rugby

Professional rugby player Alex Czajkowski's story of how he started playing the sport is somewhat unusual. Czajkowski explains how a lost bet in a bar turned into one of the best decisions of his l

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Alex Czajkowski’s Life Outside Rugby

Many rugby players do not make enough money from the game they love, forcing them to find a stable source of income. Alex Czajkowski is no different. Czajkowski explains his life outside of rugby.

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Alex Czajkowski's Favorite Pregame Music

I listen to anything really before a game day. Varies on my mood. Some games I'm in the zone with old school hip hop like NAS or 2Pac. Other days I have on heavy metal like Save the Clocktower or L

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Have Professional Rugby Player Alex Czajkowski Send You A Personalized Tweet

For a limited time, Alex Czajkowski is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them

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