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Amanda Sobhy is an American squash player from New York. Since turning pro in 2015, Sobhy’s success in the professional squash league has lead her to obtain the 7th spot in the world ranking. Amanda was able to hone her skills and accumulate interest for the sport during her playing career at her alma mater, Harvard University.

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June 29, 1993 (age 24)


5 ft 8 in (173 cm)






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Amanda Sobhy Talks About Squash's Popularity

Although squash is not one of the most popular sports in the United States, squash players are elite-level athletes who dedicate their lives to their craft. For Amanda Sobhy, it can be a little fru

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What Drives Amanda Sobhy to Compete?

Amanda Sobhy is fueled by an incredibly competitive spirit. In this video, Sobhy talks about how the satisfaction of winning makes an extreme training regimen all worthwhile.

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Amanda Sobhy's Favorite Memories from Harvard

Amanda Sobhy absolutely dominated NCAA squash. During her time at Harvard, Sobhy held a 62-0 record and won four straight individual national championships. In this video, Sobhy reflects on her fav

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Harrow Athlete Profile: Amanda Sobhy

Jump onto the squash court, and get caught up with Amanda Sobhy! Harrow Sports pro athlete, and the sport's most-promising rising star.

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Amanda Sobhy on What it Means to Be a Professional Athlete

Amanda Sobhy loves the fact that she gets to revolve her life around squash. She is extremely grateful that she spends her days training for and playing a sport that she is passionate about. In thi

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Amanda Sobhy's Favorite Professional Memory

Although she had been playing in professional tournaments throughout her collegiate squash career, Amanda Sobhy did not officially declare as a professional until graduating in 2015. In this video,

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What Influenced Amanda Sobhy to Play Squash?

Squash is a family affair for the Sobhys. Amanda’s father was one of the top Egyptian squash players in the 80’s and actually met Amanda’s mother during a tournament in New York City. However, desp

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Amanda Sobhy's Philanthropic Work

Amanda Sobhy believes that squash is for everyone, and wants to remove the elitist stigma that surrounds her sport. She currently sits on the board of The National Urban Squash and Education Associ

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Amanda Sobhy on Being a Student-Athlete

Being a Division 1 athlete is extremely difficult. In addition to the academic and social challenges that all students face, athletes are also forced to balance the seasonal full-time demands of pl

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Amanda Sobhy's Biggest Challenge as a Professional

Amanda Sobhy’s biggest challenge as a professional has been learning how to take care of her body. A lifetime’s worth of squash has taken its toll on Sobhy, and she has fallen victim to a few unfor

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Amanda Sobhy's Hidden Talent

In addition to being a world-class squash player, Amanda Sobhy is an extremely talented musician. Having grown up playing the piano, french horn, and singing, Sobhy has learned to appreciate many d

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Amanda Sobhy's Path to the Pros

Although Amanda Sobhy was playing in professional tournaments while still in college, she did not declare herself as a professional until after graduation. By maintaining her amateur status, Sobhy

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Amanda Sobhy Talks Food

Amanda Sobhy does not follow a strict nutrition plan, but instead has learned what foods work best for her athletic performance. In this video, Sobhy explains her mental approach to nutrition, some

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Amanda Sobhy's Training Schedule

Being a professional squash player is a year-round commitment. During the “offseason,” Amanda works with a trainer multiple times a week to improve her strength, speed and overall fitness. In this

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Amanda Sobhy's Least Favorite Workout

Amanda Sobhy is constantly hitting the gym to improve her overall fitness in hopes of becoming an even better squash player. During her training sessions, Sobhy cycles through a series of strength

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Amanda Sobhy Talks About her Favorite Headphones

Amanda Sobhy is passionate about music. Whether she’s training in the gym, or lounging around the house, she loves to be playing music. In this video, Sobhy talks about her favorite headphones and

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Amanda Sobhy's Favorite Restaurant

In this video, Amanda Sobhy reveals her favorite restaurant in Boston.

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Amanda Sobhy on Playing in Front of the Pyramids

In 2016, Amanda Sobhy played in the Al Ahram International which was held in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza. In this video, Sobhy shares the surreal experience of getting to play in front of o

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Amanda Sobhy's Favorite Music

Amanda Sobhy truly believes that she could not train as often or as intensely as she does if she did not have music to help her get through her workouts. In this video, Sobhy lists the types of mus

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Amanda Sobhy's Favorite Travel Locations

Amanda Sobhy has traveled the globe both for her sport and for leisure. In this video, Sobhy identifies her three favorite travel destinations, and an upcoming trip that she is looking forward to.

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Amanda Sobhy's Favorite Books

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