Andrew Alberts


Defenseman / Vancouver Canucks



Andrew Alberts is an American hockey player who retired from the Vancouver Canucks in 2013. His upbringing in Minneapolis, Minnesota sparked an interest for hockey that lead to a successful career. Andrew committed to Boston College and played four years in the Division 1 program. He was then picked up in the sixth round by the Boston Bruins and changed teams until residing with the Canucks. Over his career, Andrew Alberts amassed an impressive 55 points and 492 penalty minutes in 459 games.

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June 30, 1981 (age 36)


6 ft 5 in (196 cm)


218 lb (99 kg; 15 stone 8 lb)


Vancouver Canucks




Fishing & Hunting

What Andrew Uses On The Links

We caught up with Andrew and asked him about his golf game. When Andrew Alberts isn't hunting or fishing, you'll find him is on the course with his friends. Andrew also told us about his clubs from

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Andrew Alberts' Supplements

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Andrew Alberts' Coffee Products

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How Does Andrew Alberts Play After His Concussion?

With a history of concussions, Andrew Alberts has had to change his training routines accordingly. Alberts talks about how he manages to deal with concussions in his life after hockey.

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Every Athlete Needs a Cheat Day: Chinese Food, Pizza and More with Andrew Alberts

Like most other athletes, Andrew Alberts is careful about the food he puts into his body. Alberts detailed what his usual diet includes and what his favorite cheat foods are.

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Andrew Alberts' Locker Room Memories

When Andrew Alberts was at Boston College, he witnessed some locker room pranks he won’t soon forget. Hear Alberts recount one of his favorite memories from the locker room.

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Get to Know Andrew Alberts' Family

While NHL players may be best known for their play on the ice, they have lives off the ice. Andrew Alberts talks about the people that mean the most to him: his family.

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Andrew Alberts' Preferred Golf Gear

Since his retirement from hockey, Andrew Alberts has had much more free time to play golf, Alberts talks to Like A Pro about his preferred clubs.

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Andrew Alberts Uses the Cryo Helmet for Recovery

After suffering a major concussion, Andrew Alberts has had to try out various treatments for his head. Alberts talks about the benefits of the Cryo Helmet and why he swears by it.

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Andrew Alberts' Golf Gear

When Andrew Alberts isn't hunting or fishing, you'll find him on the golf course with his friends. Andrew told us about his preferred clubs and more.

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Canucks' Andrew Alberts Hoping for 'One Day Without Headaches'

On the last day of the Vancouver Canucks’ season, which was 3½ months after Andrew Alberts’ final game, he made his way onto the ice at Rogers Arena and for 20 glorious minutes was a National Hocke

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Andrew Alberts' Lifestyle Gear

Andrew Alberts talked to Like A Pro about his preferred lifestyle gear.

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Andrew Alberts Listens to the "Half-Assed Morning Show" While Working Out

Whether it’s a long car ride or a workout, Andrew Alberts enjoys listening to podcasts. We asked Andrew what some of his favorites were.

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Boston College Eagles Soared with Andrew Alberts and Jerry York

Andrew Alberts talked to Like A Pro about his time at Boston College. 

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Andrew Alberts' Favorite Movies

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Andrew Alberts is Back on the Ice

Andrew Alberts suffered a concussion that took him out of playing the sport of hockey, but has recently gotten back on the ice. Andrew spoke about his post retirement hockey activities.

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What Being a Professional Athlete Means to Andrew Alberts

After years of hard work and dedication, Andrew Alberts’ patience was rewarded. Alberts talks about what it meant to achieve his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

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Andrew Alberts' Rookie Mistake

When you’re the new guy in the best league of the world, it’s only a matter of time until you make a mistake. Andrew Alberts talked to Like A Pro about his biggest mistake as a rookie and what he l

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Did the NHL Make Andrew Alberts a Hometown Hero in Minneapolis?

Andrew Alberts talks about growing up in the “State of Hockey” and how it impacted him on and off the ice.

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Andrew Alberts' Professional Hockey Gear

We sat down with former NHL Vancouver Canucks athlete Andrew Alberts to learn about what gear he uses on the ice.    

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Andrews Alberts' Music

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Andrew Alberts Favorite TV Shows

With binge-watching becoming a common activity, we talked to Andrew Alberts about his favorite TV shows. Hear Andrew’s recommendations here.

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Boston College to Vancouver Canucks: The Evolution of Alberts' Career

From being named an NCAA All-American twice to playing in the Stanley Cup, Andrew Alberts had a hockey career that most players would take in a heartbeat. Here Andrew talks about the evolution of h

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Cooking With the Alberts Family

Since his retirement from the NHL, Andrew Alberts have much more free time. Andrew Alberts talks about one of his favorite hobbies, cooking.

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Andrew's Favorite Reality TV Shows

Like many Americans out there, Andrew Alberts enjoys reality watching some reality TV shows. Check out some of his favorites.   

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Have Former Vancouver Canucks Player Andrew Alberts Send You A Custom Tweet

For a limited time, Andrew Alberts is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them

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