Bailey Tills

Midfielder / Atlanta Blaze



Bailey Tills grew up in Denver, Colorado, where he attended Kent Denver High School. During his senior year at Kent, his prowess on the field was recognized with an Adrenaline All-American label. Bailey committed to play lacrosse at Brown University and his success during his 4 years there earned him a spot in the MLL. During his rookie season with the Denver Outlaws, Tills won an MLL Championship. Yet, Tills’ run with the Outlaws has come to an end, as he plans to continue his professional lacrosse career with the Atlanta Blaze.  

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July 25, 1993 (age 24)


6 ft 0 in (183 cm)


175 lb (79 kg; 12 stone 7 lb)


Atlanta Blaze



One Time

MLL Champion

Bailey Tills' Favorite Memory from College Lacrosse

Bailey Tills’ favorite memory from college lacrosse was beating Yale his senior season. Yale was the top-ranked team in the country, and on a beautiful day in front of a big crowd, the Bears defeat

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Bailey Tills Talks Being an MLL Rookie

Bailey Tills just finished his rookie season in the MLL as a member of the MLL Champion Denver Outlaws. As a rookie, he had certain duties to uphold, but the welcoming nature of his teammates made

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Bailey Tills Explains the Difference Between NCAA and MLL Lacrosse

In this video, Bailey Tills explains the main differences between NCAA and professional lacrosse. Although there are differences in the rules, style of play and talent level between the two leagues

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Bailey Tills' Favorite Travel Destination

Bailey Tills is extremely well-traveled. In this video, he reflects on a backpacking trip he took through Tasmania.

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Bailey Tills Explains the Life of a Professional Lacrosse Player

In addition to playing professional lacrosse, a majority of MLL players have full-time jobs. Bailey Tills currently lives and works in San Francisco, but plays for the Atlanta Blaze. He describes t

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Bailey Tills is Glad He Doesn't Have to Play Against These Teammates.

Bailey Tills is glad that he does not have to play against Denver Outlaws goaltender, Jack Kelly. Kelly was named the MLL Rookie of the Year, and Tills calls him, “the best goalie on the earth ri

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Bailey Tills' Training Routine

To stay in shape for the MLL season, Bailey Tills works out at least three times a week. Strength coaches from both the Outlaws and Brown provide Tills with explicit workout plans tailored to foc

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Bailey Tills Talks Locker Room Pranks

In this video, Bailey Tills reveals the biggest jokester on the Denver Outlaws, and some of the pranks teammates enjoy playing on each other.

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Bailey Tills' Favorite Memory from Brown

During Bailey Tills’ freshman year at Brown, a massive snow storm struck Providence, Rhode Island. With classes canceled, Bailey and his teammates constructed a six-foot-tall igloo in what Bailey c

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The Start of Bailey Tills' Lacrosse Career

Bailey Tills started playing lacrosse when he was in 4th grade. The father of one of his best friends had gone to college on the East Coast, and he coached his team throughout elementary and midd

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Bailey Tills' Least Favorite Workout

Bailey Tills’ least favorite workout is circuit training. Although he acknowledges that this is the most effective way to train for lacrosse, he would prefer to slow it down and take his time in be

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Bailey Tills' Meal Plan

Although Bailey Tills does not follow a strict meal plan, he naturally maintains a healthy diet to maximize his athletic performance.

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Bailey Tills' Favorite Athletes

As a diehard Denver Broncos fan, Bailey Tills’ favorite athlete is Peyton Manning. He also admires the playing style and humility of former NBA point guard, Steve Nash.

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Bailey Tills Behind The Back Goal

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Bailey Tills' Favorite Cheat Food

Bailey Tills is very conscientious of the food he eats. Although he usually opts for a healthier option, his favorite cheat food is Chick Fil A.

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