Brent Qvale

Offensive Tackle / New York Jets



The New York Jets’ offensive tackle, Brent Qvale, was born and raised in Williston, North Dakota. Qvale committed to play football at the University of Nebraska, where he started 18 games during his senior year. Despite not being selected in the 2014 NFL draft, Qvale was picked up by the Jets during his free agency, where he currently plays.

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March 11, 1991 (age 27)


6 ft 6 in (198 cm)


315 lb (143 kg; 22 stone 7 lb)


New York Jets


Offensive Tackle

College Major

Applied Sciences

Brent Qvale's Band Assisted Speed Squats

"Band assisted speed squats for quickness and power! Speed is the most important thing in this lift!" -Brent

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Brent Qvale's Travel Plans for the Offseason

The New York Jets’ Brent Qvale has plans to go to Orlando, Florida, this offseason. In March, he will attend what’s called a Professional Athlete Outreach program. “It’s kind of like

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Brent Qvale's Experience with Yoga

Brent Qvale and the Washington Redskins’ Spencer Long have been attending yoga classes together lately. “We’re the two big sweaty guys just sitting in the corner,” he said. “Everyone

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Brent Qvale's Career Evolution

Despite going undrafted in 2014, Brent Qvale was determined to make his dream of playing in the NFL a reality. Minutes after the draft, Qvale signed with the New York Jets and began working towards

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Brent Qvale's Workout Schedule

The workout schedule of an NFL player is extremely demanding. Although the frequency and intensity of the workouts vary throughout the year, players never stop working on their fitness. In this vid

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Brent Qvale Reflects on His Time as a Nebraska Cornhusker

Coming out of high school, Brent Qvale had a lot of choices of where to play college football. He ultimately chose to go to Nebraska because of their storied football tradition and Lincoln’s colleg

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Brent Qvale's Offseason Training

While many players will head to fancy training facilities in LA or Palm Beach during the NFL offseason, Brent Qvale returns to Lincoln, Nebraska to work out at his alma mater. Qvale, along with 8-1

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Brent Qvale's First NFL Start

In his second NFL season, Brent Qvale made his first career start in a game against the Buffalo Bills. Similar to his experience starting in college, Qvale considers this to be the highlight of his

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Brent Qvale's Favorite Hobbies

Brent Qvale recently sat down with Like A Pro to tell us about some of his favorite hobbies. During the offseason, Qvale loves to spend his free time fishing, hunting and traveling with his wife. I

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What Charities are Brent Qvale Involved with?

Brent Qvale is a big supporter of a charity called The Hope Mission. His wife’s aunt and uncle run the program. “They’ve secured a plot of land with an orphanage on it in Uganda and they’re in the

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How Brent Qvale Began Playing Football

Brent Qvale began playing tackle football in seventh grade. After a two-year start in flag football, Qvale was eager to begin playing the sport that his father had played at the collegiate and prof

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Brent Qvale's Favorite Food

Although Brent Qvale maintains a healthy nutrition plan, he still loves the occasional pizza and ice cream. In this video, Qvale talks about his love for these two cheat foods, and the best places

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Who Pushes Brent Qvale the Hardest While Training?

NFL player Brent Qvale listed three fellow football players as the guys who are pushing him the most during training exercises. The Washington Redskins’ Spencer Long, Jeremiah Sirles

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Brent Qvale's advice to NFL rookies

Brent Qvale is now a three-year veteran of the NFL. He offered some advice to rookies just coming into the league. “The biggest advice that I can think of would be to [never] give [your tea

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Brent Qvale's Least Favorite Workout

In this video, Brent Qvale reveals his least favorite workout. This total body exercise is extremely difficult, but Qvale includes it in his workout plan because he recognizes its importance.

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Brent Qvale on Being a Christian in the NFL

Coming into the NFL as a rookie, Brent Qvale, as a Christian, didn’t know what to expect in terms of fellow players also being religious. “I was actually pleasantly surprised [about]

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Brent Qvale Talks Locker Room Pranks and Team Jokesters

Brent Qvale recently sat down with Like A Pro to talk about the lighter side of football. In this video, Qvale talks about some of the pranks he and his teammates would pull at the University of

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Brent Qvale Discusses Life After Football

When Brent Qvale retires from the NFL, he hopes to stay involved with the game he loves. Qvale believes his passion for football in combination with what he studied in school will make him a succes

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What does it Mean to Brent Qvale to be a Professional Athlete?

Brent Qvale says that it took him a bit to fully realize what it means to be a professional athlete. He said that he didn’t really think about the prospect of going to the NFL until his junior year

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Brent Qvale's Favorite Athletes

Brent Qvale was a huge football fan growing up because his father played in the NFL. Although originally from North Dakota, Qvale adored Barry Sanders. In this video, Qvale lists his favorite NFL p

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Brent Qvale's Nutrition

Brent Qvale knows that in order to maximize his athletic performance, he needs to maintain a healthy diet. While he allows himself one or two cheat meals a week, Qvale makes sure to avoid eating

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