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Carla Rowland Zamora is a longboard surfer from Southern California. Despite growing up in California, surfing didn’t become Zamora’s main focus until she was about 15 years old. She then started winning longboard competitions, which resulted in interest from multiple sponsors. Despite a successful professional career, Carla realized that her true enjoyment came from introducing the sport to newcomers. Thus came her company, The Surf Institute, which aimed to spread the joy that surfing can provide to inexperienced personnel. Carla has been running this surf school for about 7 years.

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February 13, 1975 (age 43)


5 ft 2 in (157 cm)



Longboard Surfer

Ride Goofy or Regular

Naturally Goofy & Switchfoot

Join Carla For Her Surf Trip to Mexico

From Sunday, July 30 to Friday, August 4, 2017 TSI will be heading south of the border for some warm water and friendly waves! With double surf sessions nearly every day, this excursion is guarante

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Be Empowered to Improve!

BE EMPOWERED TO IMPROVE!! JUNE 16-18, 2017 Join Carla and The Surf Institute from June 16th-18th for a wahine-only weekend on a cozy equestrian property in the beautiful hills of Malibu. Th

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Carla Zamora Said Living Like a Pro Means Being a Role Model

Carla Rowland Zamora has been surfing for the majority of her life and is now retired, but she still lives her life as the pro athlete and role model she is. So what does it mean to Carl

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Carla Rowland Zamora's Professional Surfing Gear

Carla Rowland Zamora has been surfing since she was a teenager. Her first surf competition was in 1995. Twenty years later and Zamora has retired from professional surfing, but still teaches and su

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Carla Rowland Zamora Started Surfing With Her Father in Malibu, California

"I didn't have much of a choice," retired pro surfer Carla Zamora said, "I was born into surfing." Her father was a surfer. He started his career at age 12, and raised his children on th

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Carla Rowland Zamora's Life Gear

From Essential Oils to Ricola cough drops, Carla Rowland Zamora has various items that she needs in life. She sent us at Like A Pro a list.    

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Carla's Favorite Movies And TV Shows

After a long day of surfing in the sunshine, Carla likes to kick back, relax and watch a good movie or TV show. Zombies, knights, wizards and dystopian tales provide just the right amount of fantas

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Girls Rip

Carla Rowland Zamora is a gifted longboard surfer. Girls Rip, from Zamora Surf, shows off some of her talents as she travels the board swapping her stance

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How Does Carla Rowland Zamora Stay Motivated Even After Retirement?

Surfer Carla Rowland Zamora has been surfing professionally and in retirement for the majority of her life. So what keeps her motivated? Zamora's motivating forces are simply to "stay ha

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How Carla Rowland Zamora is Helping Surfers in the Philippines

In 2011, Carla and her husband took a trip to the Philippines that turned into more than just a vacation. While there, Zamora taught surf lessons to women and volunteered to help out the

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How Does Carla Rowland Zamora Hope to Change the Sport of Surfing for Women?

The wage gap between men and women impacts people in all careers, even athletes. As a female athlete, surfer Carla Rowland has experienced a difference in pay, recognition, and sponsorsh

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An Interview With Carla Rowland Zamora

There is often a great distance between people who point out the problems they see around them and those who actively work at solving them. The Inspire Initiative seeks to recognize and support tho

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