Charles Leno Jr.

Offensive Tackle / Chicago Bears



Charles Leno Jr. is an offensive lineman for the Chicago Bears. Leno was born and raised in San Leandro, where his success on the field lead to his 3-star recruiting profile. He then committed to Boise State University, where he played football for all 4 years on the famous blue turf.

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October 9, 1991 (age 25)


6 ft 3 in (190 cm)


305 lb (138 kg; 21 stone 11 lb)


Chicago Bears


Offensive Tackle

Charles Leno Jr.'s Career Evolution

Charles Leno Jr. has played in the NFL since 2014. Despite being a 7th round pick, Leno Jr. made the 53-man roster as an offensive lineman. He spent portions of his rookie season alternating betwee

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Charles Leno Jr.'s Favorite Memory From Boise State

Charles Leno Jr. played at Boise State University from 2009-2013. During this time, his head coach had a tradition where a player was selected to “bring the hammer” as the team ran onto the field.

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Charles Leno Jr. Gives Back

Charles Leno Jr. hopes one day to start his own foundation. He is extremely passionate about outreach to kids, and hopes to provide guidance for young people needing mentorship. Leno Jr. explains h

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Charles Leno Jr. Gives Thanks

Charles Leno Jr. has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. In this video he reveals why his girlfriend, dog and life in general will have him smiling ear to ear this holiday season.

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Charles Leno Jr.'s Dog

Charles Leno Jr. loves spending time with his Shorty Bull, Kobe. In this video, Leno Jr. introduces Like A Pro to his furry friend.

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Charles Leno Jr. Talks Crazy Fans

The NFL is known for having some of the craziest fans in the world. In this video, Charles Leno Jr. tells a hilarious story about an unruly fan during his recent game against the Detroit Lions. Len

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Charles Leno Jr.'s Toughest Teammates

Charles Leno Jr. has been with the Chicago Bears since 2014, and during that time has played with some of the league’s most elite players. In this video, he shares which Bears players he thinks are

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Charles Leno Jr.'s Training Routine

During the NFL offseason, Charles Leno Jr. trains extremely hard to prepare for the upcoming season. Each summer he returns to California to work with a group of NFL and Olympic athletes at his gym

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A Day Off With Charles Leno Jr.

Even when Charles Leno Jr. gets an off-day during the NFL season, he is not far removed from football. Instead he uses this time to watch film and get treatments to help his body recover and prepar

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The Best Restaurants in Oakland According to Charles Leno Jr.

Having grown up in the Oakland, Charles Leno Jr. has sampled a lot of the area’s finest cuisine. While many people might opt for a steak from a fancy restaurant, Charles Leno Jr. would rather find

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Charles Leno Jr.'s Least Favorite Workout

In the offseason, Charles Leno Jr. returns to California to work with a group of NFL players and Olympic athletes. His trainers at Cal Strength work Leno Jr. through a series of excruciating exerci

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Charles Leno Jr. Reveals the Biggest Jokester on the Chicago Bears

Every sports team always has a “class clown”, or guy that loves to pull pranks on his teammates. In this video, Charles Leno Jr. identifies the funniest guys on the Chicago Bears, and the energy th

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Charles Leno Jr. Talks Travel

Charles Leno Jr. enjoys traveling. Having already seen a lot of the United States, he is ready to take his travels overseas. In this video, he lists the international cities he plans on visiting th

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Charles Leno Jr. Discusses the Pressure of Playing in the NFL

NFL players face a tremendous amount of pressure. Whether it be the large crowds, critical media or the weight of family and friends relying upon you, the stress that players face can grow insuffer

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The Start of Charles Leno Jr.'s Football Career

Charles Leno Jr. began playing football as a sophomore in high school. Already a standout basketball player, Leno Jr.’s friend recommended that he try out for the football team as well. His size an

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How Does Charles Leno Jr. Define Excellence?

Every person defines excellence differently. Charles Leno Jr. believes that on and off field excellence goes hand in hand with discipline. Leno Jr. expresses the need to do the right thing, at the

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Chicago Bear Charles Leno's Favorite Advocare Products

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Charles Leno Jr. Lists Some of His Favorite Athletes

Charles Leno Jr. is a huge sports fan, and having grown up playing basketball, he loves to watch NBA games. In this video, he reveals which player he calls “crazy good,” and also lists his favorite

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What Does it Mean to Be a Professional for Charles Leno Jr.?

Charles Leno Jr. is extremely thankful to call himself a professional athlete. In this video, he talks about the fun of playing in front of a big crowd, but also the professionalism required to “ta

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Charles Leno Hopes To Repay Bears’ Belief

Last season gave Leno the confidence to grow. He wasn’t comfortable at right tackle, but left tackle was his more natural position. He was comfortable in the movements on the left side in a way he

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Charles Leno's Favorite Video Games

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