Chris Manhertz

Tight End / Carolina Panthers



Chris Manhertz’s road to the NFL is very unique compared to many players. Manhertz was born in the Bronx, New York, where he attended high school. Chris always had an interest for football, but opted to play college basketball at Canisius College. During his time at Canisius, Manhertz had a standout basketball career, where he was named captain for 3 of his 4 years. After college, he decided to try to transition his athleticism into a football career. He played on the New Orleans Saints for a brief period, before being traded to the Panthers.

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April 10, 1992 (age 26)


6 ft 6 in (198 cm)


255 lb (116 kg; 18 stone 3 lb)


Carolina Panthers


Tight End

In College Basketball Avg

6.5 PPG and 6.8 RPG

Chris Manhertz Talks About His Favorite Adidas Product

Chris Manhertz is happy to be sponsored by Adidas and be a part of their athlete family. In this video, Manhertz shares why he loves the Ultraboost shoes.

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Chris Manhertz on Balancing his Internship with Preparing for the NFL Preseason

Although he’s excited about his Under Armour internship, Chris Manhertz knows that priority number one is prepping for the upcoming NFL season. “I can’t forget that I have an obligation as

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Chris Manhertz's Transition From Basketball to Football

After a standout basketball career at Canisius College, Chris Manhertz decided to pursue playing football. The idea had not crossed his mind until the Buffalo Bills contacted Manhertz about coming

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Chris Manhertz Running Routes

Chris Manhertz is putting in the work this offseason. He recently checked in with Like A Pro to show his fans how he is preparing for the upcoming NFL season. 

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Chris Manhertz's Internship with Under Armour

The Carolina Panthers’ Chris Manhertz is grateful to be a part of an internship with Under Armour, which he attained through the NFL Player’s Association. “I’m fortunate enough to sit down

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What is Chris Manhertz Thankful For?

This Thanksgiving, Chris Manhertz is thankful for his parents. Not only is he appreciative of their unwavering support, but is also thankful to have grown up with both of them in his life.

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Chris Manhertz on Why He Uses a Training Mask

NFL Tight End Chris Manhertz explains why he trains using a high-elevation simulating mask.

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Chris Manhertz's Biggest Challenge as a Professional Athlete

Having never played football until becoming an NFL tight end, Chris Manhertz has been faced with the challenge of learning a new sport, and doing so at the game’s highest level. In this video, Manh

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The Toughest Teammate Chris Manhertz Has Played With

Chris Manhertz says that the toughest teammate he has ever played with is Tim Hightower. In this video, Manhertz praises Hightower’s ability to come back from a devastating knee injury, and how thi

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Chris Manhertz is Passionate About this Cause

Chris Manhertz played for the New Orleans Saints in 2015 and 2016. During that time, Manhertz became involved with the non-profit, Son of a Saint, who focuses on, “enhancing the lives of father-abs

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Chris Manhertz Demonstrates Pass Blocking Techniques

Chris Manhertz gives an all-access look into one of his pass blocking training sessions.

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Chris Manhertz's Training Routine

Chris Manhertz has played both basketball and football at an elite level. While he acknowledges that both sports require speed, strength and explosiveness, he explains that football training is mor

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How Chris Manhertz Became a Tight End

Having never played football before, Chris Manhertz was unsure about which position he would be best suited for. In this video, Manhertz explains how his overall athletic profile led him to becomin

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Chris Manhertz's Life After Football

Chris Manhertz considers himself lucky to have graduated from college with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. For now, he is 100 percent focused on being an NFL player, but he is well-prepared

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Chris Manhertz's Hopes for the Upcoming NFL Season

Chris Manhertz is looking forward to the upcoming NFL season. “Individually, [I want] to try to have more of a bigger role heading into next season,” Manhertz said.

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How Chris Manhertz Learned to Play Tight End

Having never played football before coming into the NFL, Chris Manhertz had a lot to learn about the sport and the position he plays. In this video he reveals the NFL tight ends that he studies on

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Why does Chris Manhertz Compete?

Chris Manhertz entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2015. Before that, he had no football experience, as he transitioned to the sport after graduating from Canisius College, where he enjoy

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What Charities does Chris Manhertz Support?

Chris Manhertz is involved with Team Tackle, an initiative launched by the American Diabetes Association to bring increased attention to the disease. “It’s a great opportunity to raise awar

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The Biggest Jokester on the Carolina Panthers According to Chris Manhertz

Although Chris Manhertz has only been with the Carolina Panthers for a brief time, he quickly found out who the team’s biggest jokester is. In this video, he shares this player and also details the

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Chris Manhertz on what it Means to be a Professional Athlete

To Chris Manhertz, being a professional means staying hungry. ”Every year, there’s a new wave of talent, there’s a new draft [and] guys are coming in to take your spot,” he said. “You have

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Chris Manhertz's Advice to Young Athletes

Dedication and hard work has helped the NFL’s Chris Manhertz get where he is. His advice to younger athletes is along the same lines. “Statistically speaking, I’m not supposed to be [in the

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Chris Manhertz Works On Pass Blocking

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Chris Manhertz's Favorite Athletes

Before becoming an NFL tight end, Chris Manhertz played college basketball and he is a huge NBA fan. In this video he details his favorite players, teams and how a current super-star has transforme

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What Did Chris Manhertz Study in School?

Despite the demanding schedule of being a student-athlete, Chris Manhertz was able to graduate in four years with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In this video, he shares what he studied and

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Chris Manhertz Enjoys Reading on his Kindle

Chris Manhertz loves reading on his kindle because he is "greedy for information and knowledge."

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What does Chris Manhertz Look for in a Teammate?

Personally, Chris Manhertz of the Carolina Panthers likes to keep things simple. As a newer member of the NFL, he’s found that keeping his mouth shut and taking care of business is the best formula

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Chris Manhertz's Favorite Music

Chris Manhertz is a self-described “hip hop and R&B guy.” “I listen to Drake, Future, Big Sean and I love old school rap,” Manhertz said. “I love old school New York rap.”

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What Does Chris Manhertz Keep in His Travel Bag?

Whether he is traveling for NFL games or for leisure, Chris Manhertz spends a lot of time on airplanes. In most instances, he will listen to music or pass the time by reading. In this video, Manher

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