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It is no surprise that Indycar driver, Conor Daly, has found success in the world of racing. Conor’s Dad, Derek Daly, is an esteemed Indycar driver himself, so naturally his son started racing at an early age. Daly started out driving go-karts, which cultivated his respect and interest for the racing world. In 2005, Daly found success in the world of go-karting, as he won 19 races, two championships, and was labeled as “Junior Driver of the Year” by Kart Racers of America.

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December 15, 1991 (age 26)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


159 lb (72 kg; 11 stone 5 lb)


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At 14 Years Old Won

"Senior" Pro Kart Race

Conor Daly and His Team's Adjustments for the Indy 500

The competition and conditions in Indianapolis make it extremely difficult for racers and teams to make their cars go faster. In this video, Daly talks about the changes he and his team are making

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How is Conor Daly Preparing for the Indy 500?

Like A Pro caught up with Conor Daly to hear how he has been preparing for the Indy 500.

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Conor Daly's Raceweek Products

The preparations for the Indianapolis 500 can be as equally grueling as the race itself. In this video, Daly reveals which products are helping his team survive the week leading into the race.

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What Does it Take to Satisfy Conor Daly?

Conor Daly appears to be the kind of guy who reaches for the stars in his professional life. "I'm never satisfied," he said. "My dad drilled into me that you always have to be getting better."

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Conor Daly's Favorite Restaurants in Indianapolis

Conor Daly gives some local food recommendations to fans visiting Indianapolis for the big race.

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What is Conor Daly Most Excited About for the Upcoming Season?

Conor Daly finished the 2016 season on a sour note. Daly looks forward to a fresh start in 2017 and returning to the sport he loves.

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Conor Daly on American Ninja Warrior

IndyCar driver Conor Daly talks before his run on American Ninja Warrior and how he hopes to outperform his IndyCar peers. 

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Conor Daly's New Racing Team for the 2017 Season

Professional race car driver Conor Daly will continue to race in the Verizon IndyCar Series this year. Daly drove for Dale Coyne Racing in the Indycar Series last year but has a new team for the 20

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How do Professional Racers get Back on a Team After Taking Time Off?

We talked to Conor Daly about how drivers find teams and sponsors to help them get a spot on the racetrack.  

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How Does Conor Daly Prepare for the Upcoming Racing Season?

There’s a lot that goes into preparing for an IndyCar race. Driver Conor Daly talked about how he prepares for racing season.

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Meet Conor Daly

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What Being a Professional Means to Conor Daly

To Conor Daly, being a professional race car driver serves as a testament to the hard work it took to get to the highest level. In this video, Daly reflects on what being an IndyCar driver means to

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What Kind of Pressures do Professional Racers Feel?

With sponsors to please, fans to excite and the individual drive to succeed, race car drivers face as much pressure in their professional lives as many other athletes. In this video, Daly talks abo

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Conor Daly's Racing Idols

The son of a former Formula One racer, Conor Daly grew up around the sport of racing. Conor shared some of his role models in the sport.

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Conor Daly's Advice to Young Racers

Professional race car driver Conor Daly gave some advice to younger drivers or novices interested in racing in general. Hear what Conor had to say here.

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Conor Daly's Dream Cars

As a professional racer, Conor Daly knows cars. He shared some of his dream cars with Like A Pro.

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How Conor Daly's Interest in Racing Began

With a family history in the sport, Conor Daly talks about how he was destined to be a race car driver.

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Conor Daly's Pre-Race Routines

While some racers are extremely superstitious, Conor Daly tries to avoid following any certain routine leading into a big race. In this video, Daly shares how he is preparing for the Indy 500, and

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Conor Daly's Biggest Professional Challenge

Conor Daly says that the world of professional race car driving is unforgiving. The pressure to constantly perform at a high level is constant. In this video, Daly opens up about a challenge that a

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Why Does Conor Daly Compete?

Conor Daly is a self-described "adrenaline junkie," which partially drives him to compete at a high level. But the feeling after a win is priceless.

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Conor Daly's Workout Routine

Many people assume IndyCar racing is an easy sport. Like A Pro athlete and IndyCar Driver Conor Daly tells us why this is a misconception and details how hard he has to train.

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Conor Daly Offers Advice to Children Suffering from Diabetes

Professional race car driver Conor Daly is a diabetic. He has some advice for children growing up with the unique challenges of living with diabetes.

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Conor Daly's Favorite NBA Players

Growing up in Indiana as a Pacers fan, Conor Daly is a huge basketball fan. Daly spoke with us about some of his favorite players on and off the court.

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Conor Daly the Night Before a Big Race

For professional drivers, the night before a race can be tough. For Daly, staying calm is the key in regards to pre-race rituals.

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Conor Daly's Prank on Fellow Racer James Hinchcliffe

Although he admits he’s not the world’s most elaborate or creative prankster, Daly cited one time in particular when he had some fun with fellow Like A Pro athlete,

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How Hard is it to Race at the Indianapolis 500?

The road to participating in an Indy 500 race is a very long and exclusive one. Being a great driver doesn’t necessarily correlate directly to earning a spot on the pavement. In this video, Daly ex

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Conor Daly Loves Playing Video Games

Conor Daly admitted that he is a pretty hardcore gamer. In this video, Daly talks about some of his favorite games, and when he likes to play them.  

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Conor Daly's Experience on Dancing with the Stars

This past fall, Conor Daly's friend and fellow race car driver James Hinchcliffe participated in season 23 of Dancing with the Star

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Conor Daly's gym

Conor Daly works out at Saint Vincent's Sports Performance in his native Indiana.  "They train a lot of Olympians, NFL athletes, NBA, everyone," Daly said. "It's cool to be able to train th

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Conor Daly and the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation

Conor Daly is a professional racecar driver and has Type 1 Diabetes. Due to the personal resonation of the disease's effects, Daly serves as an ambassador for the Junior Diabetes Research Foundatio

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Conor Daly's Favorite Race

aving a legion of friends, family and fans cheering behind you is always a boost. For Daly, the Grand Prix Indy was a solid chance to perform well in front of an audience of people close to him. He

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Conor Daly's sponsors

Conor Daly is just 24 years old. He certainly hasn't built up a laundry list of professional sponsors in his short career, but that's not to say that Daly isn't endorsed. Daly is in fact sponsored

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Conor Daly and the charities he supports

Conor Daly is an ambassador for the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. Daly has Type 1 Diabetes himself. 

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