ConRoy Smith

Wing / Northern Virginia Rugby Club



ConRoy Smith is a wing for the Northern Virginia Rugby Club. Smith’s college experience at Liberty University revolved around his track career. It wasn’t until January 2015, that ConRoy found an interest in playing professional rugby. By March 2015, ConRoy had an earned a spot as a winger for the Northern Virginia Rugby Club.

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December 29, 1991 (age 26)


5 ft 11 in (180 cm)


190 lb (86 kg; 13 stone 8 lb)


Northern Virginia Rugby Club



100-meter time

10.45 seconds

Learn How to Play Rugby With ConRoy Smith

In this video, ConRoy Smith explains the rules of rugby, and teaches the proper form for some of the game's movements. 

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ConRoy Smith's Learning Process

ConRoy Smith ascended to professional rugby very rapidly. Smith talks about his transition from track and football to rugby and the steep learning curve that he encountered.

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ConRoy Smith Distinguishes Between 15's and 7's

In this video, ConRoy Smith explains the main differences between 15’s and 7’s rugby. He goes on to talk about different plays and systems that are run in the two versions of his sport.

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ConRoy Smith Addresses Trash Talking in Rugby

In this video, ConRoy Smith explains that unlike his football career, there is very little trash talk during rugby matches. Smith talks about the mutual respect among players and the brotherhood of

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ConRoy's Track Team Gives Back in Kenya

While at Liberty University, Smith's track team went to Kenya and hosted a track camp. That memory is something he savors and motivates him to start his own foundation.

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ConRoy's Decision Between Playing Professional Rugby and Running Track

ConRoy Smith's professional sports career took a complete 180 when he discovered rugby. In this video Conroy talks about the difficult choice he made.

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ConRoy Smith Receives Olympic Advice From His Southern Virginia Teammates

Playing in the Olympics, regardless of what sport, is an honor. In this video ConRoy Smith talks about the advice he received from teammates before trying out for the 2016 USA Rugby 7s Olympic team

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ConRoy Smith Shares Funniest Play Name

ConRoy Smith reveals the funniest play name he has heard while playing rugby.

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ConRoy Smith's Most Memorable Moment Wasn't While Playing Rugby

Before starting the sport of rugby, Conroy Smith found success on the track and the gridiron. In this video Conroy talks about his most memorable moment in his athletic career.

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Who are ConRoy Smith's Favorite Actors?

In this video Conroy Smith talks about some of his favorite actors to watch.

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ConRoy Smith Explains Rugby Rules

To the untrained eye, Rugby can seem very confusing. In this video, ConRoy Smith explains some of the rules and field markings in Rugby. He says that although football and rugby appear to be simi

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ConRoy Smith's Journey to Professional Rugby and Hopefully the Olympic Games

ConRoy didn't start playing rugby until after college. In this video Smith details his unlikely journey to rugby and his rapid rise in the USA Rugby ranks.

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New USA Sevens Flyer ConRoy Smith Profiled

Chula Vista, CA – USA Rugby held an open combine last January that introduced us to the names Mataiyasi Leuta and Ahmad Harajly. Another athlete to emerge from the successful venture is NCAA spri

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ConRoy Smith Prepares for The Rugby Season and 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Training for the Olympics and a long rugby season is no small task. In this video Smith details how he gets himself in rugby shape.

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ConRoy Smith Will Send You A Personalized Tweet

For a limited time, ConRoy Smith is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them on

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