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Darcy Piceu is a professional Ultrarunner on the Hoka One One running team. When she’s not running Ultras, Darcy can be found running trails and taking care of her 6 year-old daughter in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Piceu has completed 70 Ultra races, in which she has placed in the top 3 in almost all of them. She is a 3X Hardrock winner, and currently holds the record for the Bighorn 100 in Wyoming and the Bear 100 in Utah.

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January 20, 1975 (age 43)


5 ft 8 in (173 cm)


Hoka One One


Professional Ultrarunner

Darcy Piceu Raves About This Recovery Drink

Following a big race, Darcy Piceu loves to drink Ultragen by First Endurance. In this video, Piceu reveals her favorite flavors, and the performance benefits the supplement provides her.

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Darcy Piceu Talks About Professional Ultrarunning

Although there is no official draft or league for professional ultrarunners, there is a significant difference between the amateurs and the professionals. In this video, Piceu discusses the changes

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How Does Darcy Piceu Mentally Prepare for Ultramarathons?

Darcy Piceu believes that in long-distance running, training your mind is just as important as training your body. In this video, Piceu details these techniques to handle the mental side of ultrama

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Darcy Piceu Balances Ultrarunning with Everyday Life

In addition to being a professional ultrarunner, Darcy Piceu is a full time mom and therapist. In this video, Piceu opens up about maintaining this balance and how she stays grounded.

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Darcy Piceu's Training Routine

Although Darcy Piceu competes in distances as much as four times longer than typical marathons, she admits that the training routine between the two sports is very similar. In this video, Piceu sha

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Darcy Piceu and the Importance of Recovery

Now more than ever, Darcy Piceu is realizing the importance of recovery. In this video, Piceu talks about the most efficient ways to recover, and the role recovery plays in her training.

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Darcy Piceu's Favorite Running Distance

Darcy Piceu competes in both 50 and 100 mile ultramarathons. In this video, Piceu shares her favorite distance to compete in, and why this has changed over time.

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Darcy Piceu's Strength Training

In addition to a rigorous running schedule, Darcy Piceu follows a strength program as well. In this video, Piceu discusses her strength regimen, and how it changes throughout the year.

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Darcy Piceu's Nutrition Plan

Darcy Piceu’s diet is all about maintaining balance. While a majority of what she eats is extremely healthy, she has not sworn off sweets, coffee or gluten.

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Darcy Piceu's Decision to Not Eat Meat

For ethical reasons, Darcy Piceu has not eaten meat for over twenty years. In this video, Piceu talks about the people and research that led her to making this decision.

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The 2013 Hardrock Ultra Marathon

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Darcy Piceu's Favorite Places to Travel

Following college graduation, Darcy Piceu took time to travel the globe. In this video, Piceu reveals her favorite travel destinations.

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Darcy Piceu's Favorite Cheat Food

In this video, Darcy Piceu reveals her “guilty pleasure” cheat food.

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How Did Darcy Piceu Begin Running Competitively?

Darcy Piceu runs in competitive races that are two to four times longer than traditional marathons. In this video, Piceu details the beginning of her ultrarunning career, and why she loves the comp

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Darcy Piceu and Other Sports

Darcy Piceu grew up playing a variety of sports including swimming and ski racing. In this video, Piceu talks about her love for other sports, and why she chose to pursue ultrarunning.

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