Darian Thompson

Safety / New York Giants



Darian Thompson is a professional football player who plays safety for the New York Giants. His successful, 4 year career, at Boise State made it possible for Thompson to enter the draft. In the 2016 NFL Draft, Darian went in the 3rd round (71st Overall) to the New York Giants.

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September 22, 1993 (age 24)


6 ft 1 in (185 cm)


213 lb (97 kg; 15 stone 3 lb)


New York Giants



Two Time

First Team All-Mountain West

Darian Thompson and Landon Collins' Special Bond

The safety duo is pumped for the season to begin, and to show why the Giants have one of the best secondaries in the NFL.

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The First Thing Darian Thompson Bought After His Contract

After years of hard work and determination, Safety Darian Thompson was finally rewarded when he was drafted by the New York Giants. After signing his rookie contract, Thompson decided to buy someth

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Darian Thompson's NFL Draft Experience

The New York Giants drafted Darian Thompson in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Although he was unsure about when and where he would get picked, Thompson tried to enjoy the process by surroun

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Darian Thompson Talks About His Biggest Challenge As A Pro

The learning curve from playing football in college to the NFL is steep. New York Giants Defensive Back Darian Thompson talks about how difficult the transition is. Thompson spoke with Like A Pro a

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Why Darian Thompson Competes

For many professional athletes, a strong competitive nature fuels them. Darian Thompson of the New York Giants is no different. He talks about how playing at Boise State taught him that winning is

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The Best Advice Darian Thompson Has Received

For New York Giants Safety Darian Thompson one piece of advice has helped him reach where he is today, playing on Sundays in packed NFL stadiums. Despite not being raised in the best situation, alw

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Darian Thompson Reflects on His Time at Boise State

Darian Thompson attended Boise State from 2011-2015, and following his senior season, many NFL teams were interested in drafting him. However, coming out of high school, this was not the case. Desp

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Who is Darian Thompson’s Favorite Athlete?

When asked about his favorite athletes, New York Giants Defensive Back Darian Thompson talked about his admiration for Conor McGregor. Thompson respects McGregor’s athletic ability and swagger, but

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Who Darian Thompson Models His Game After

In order to be a better player, Darian Thompson models his game after the best safeties in the game today. Thompson spoke with Like A Pro about who specifically he tries to emulate on the field.

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Darian Thompson's Training Routine

To prepare for the NFL Draft, Darian Thompson trained with a group of prospects and current NFL players in Phoenix, Arizona. The group would work out twice a day, focusing on strength, fitness and

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Who Inspires Darian Thompson?

When asked about who inspires him, Darian Thompson says that his mother is his inspiration. Thompson says that she set a good example and instilled in him important values he carries to this day.

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Darian Thompson’s Plans For Life After Football

In the NFL, nothing is guaranteed. A player’s tenure can be limited, but many have a backup plan. By playing football at a high level his entire life, New York Giants Safety Darian Thompson says th

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The Causes That Darian Thompson Cares About

Following a scare with his own child, New York Giants Safety Darian Thompson learned about cancer and the effect it has on lives. Luckily his daughter was fine. But Thompson empathizes with the fam

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Darian Thompson's Taste in Music

Darian Thompson will be the first to acknowledge that he absolutely loves music. Whether he is preparing for an NFL game, training in the gym or hanging around the house, Thompson always has some t

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The One Thing You Probably Didn’t Know About Darian Thompson

New York Giants Safety Darian Thompson talked to Like A Pro about one thing about him that most people don’t know. You won’t want to miss him talking about how he was born with an extra finger.

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Darian Thompson's Dog

New York Giants Safety Darian Thompson introduces Like A Pro to his dog and talks about how he came into his life.

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The Beginning of Darian Thompson's Football Career

Darian Thompson calls football, “his family’s sport.” Although he did not have an older sibling playing football to look up to, his family’s love for the game inspired him to begin playing. In this

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What Does Darian Thompson Keep in His Gym Bag?

When Darian Thompson heads to the gym, he always makes sure to bring his gym bag. In this video, Thompson lists the things he needs to have with him to get the most out of his workouts.

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Darian Thompson College Highlights At Boise State

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Darian Thompson Talks Team Jokesters and Rookie Duties

For most NFL teams, the biggest jokester is usually an established veteran player. The guy cracking the jokes has been around the league for a few years, gotten comfortable with his team, and has e

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Darian Thompson's Most Skilled Teammate

Like A Pro recently sat down with Darian Thompson to ask which teammate he is most glad to have on the New York Giants. In this video, Thompson reveals which superstar player he is, “glad to have s

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Darian Thompson and Eli Apple go One-on-One

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