Darren Fells

Tight End / Detroit Lions



Darren Fells’ NFL career can be credited with his decision to transition from playing basketball to football after a successful collegiate basketball career. Fells originally signed to the Seattle Seahawks but was released shortly after. More recently, Darren signed a one year contract to play tight end for the Detroit Lions.

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April 22, 1986 (age 31)


6 ft 5 in (196 cm)


281 lb (127 kg; 20 stone 1 lb)


Detroit Lions


Tight End

Darren Fells on Changing NFL Teams

Darren Fells is loving his new role with the Detroit Lions. In this video, Fells talks about changing NFL teams, and moving his young family to a new city.

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Darren Fells Talks About His New Lions Teammates

Changing NFL teams can be an extremely challenging endeavor for even the most talented of NFL players. In this video, Fells talks about which Lions teammates have made his transition to Detroit as

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Darren Fells' Friendship with Golden Tate

Darren Fells is having a blast playing on a team with fellow Like A Pro Athlete Golden Tate. In this video, Fells talks about his relatio

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Darren Fells' Fresh Start in Detroit

Darren Fells reveals what he is most excited about for the remainder of the season.

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Versatile Darren Fells 'on fire' in Lions Practice

Tight end Darren Fells, 31, may be the "old man" on the field but didn't show it, "catching everything" as wide receiver Golden Tate comm

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Who is the Biggest Prankster on the Detroit Lions?

Darren Fells is having a great time getting to know his new teammates in Detroit. In this video, Fells reveals the biggest jokester on the team and some of the pranks this guy likes to pull.

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Darren Fells' Transition From Basketball to Football

After getting burnt out playing professional basketball overseas, Darren Fells looked at pursuing a career in football. In this video, Fells details his process of transitioning between two profess

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What Causes does Darren Fells Support?

Darren Fells knows the importance and value of giving back to the community. Fells talks about his work with children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and other children’s organizations.

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Darren Fells' Favorite Movies

In this video Darren Fells talks about some of his all-time favorite movies.

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Which Cartoon Character could Darren Fells see Himself as?

Professional football player Darren Fells referenced a classic Disney movie when asked about who he would choose if he had to become a cartoon character. “I’d be Simba, I love the Lion King,” he sa

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Darren Fells' Thanksgiving Plans

In this video, Darren Fells details the guest list and menu for the holiday, and also expresses one of his concerns about who will be doing most of the cooking.

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Darren Fells Gives Thanks

In this video, Darren Fells opens up about the battle his older brother (and former NFL player) with MRSA, and how thankful he has been to see his health improve.

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How is Darren Fells' Brother, Daniel, Holding up After his Foot Injury?

Darren Fells talks about his older brother, Daniel, who played in the NFL from 2006-2015. Daniel was forced to retire after contracting MRSA in his right foot, which almost required an amputation.

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Darren Fells' Training Routine

In order to improve his game, Darren Fells tries to take constructive criticism and become a more well-rounded player.

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Did Darren Fells Make the Right Decision to Play Football?

Darren Fells decided to retire from professional basketball to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL. In this video, Fells opens up about this difficult decision, and whether or not he feels he ma

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Darren Fell's Path to Professional Basketball

After four solid years of collegiate basketball at the University of California-Irvine, Darren Fells had the opportunity to play professionally overseas. Fells talks about the progression of his ba

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Darren Fells' Nutrition Plan

For Darren Fells, a tight end with the Arizona Cardinals, maintaining a good nutrition plan is very important. Fells talks about how his diet varies during the season and in the offseason.

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Darren Fells' Favorite Places to Live and Travel To

Darren Fells has traveled all over the globe, and has visited some of the world’s great cities. In this video, he distinguishes between the favorite place he has lived, and the favorite place he ha

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Darren Fells' Least Favorite Workout

There doesn’t seem to be a workout that Darren Fells flat out dislikes. “Because I’m sort of a freak and I love working out, there’s not really an exercise that I hate,” he said.

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Darren Fells' Favorite Food

Darren Fells absolutely loves sushi. In this video, Fells answers a lightning round of questions including his favorite restaurant, how much he can eat at once and which are his favorite rolls.

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Darren Fells' Favorite Family Activities

Darren Fells is the youngest of four brothers. Their family is very close, but due to their differing schedules, it can be challenging to get everybody together at once. When they are together, the

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How Did Darren Fells Begin Playing Basketball?

In addition to playing in the NFL, Darren Fells is an excellent basketball player. After a dominant career at University of California Irvine, Fells played professionally overseas for four seasons.

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The Beginning of Darren Fells' Football Career

Darren Fells began his football career as a freshman in high school. Fells had always wanted to play when he was younger, but his mother wouldn’t allow it. In this video, he explains her rationale

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Arizona Cardinals- "The Big Fellas"

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What does Darren Fells Keep in his Travel Bag?

As an professional football player, Darren Fells spends a lot of time on airplanes, traveling to play other teams in the NFL. He said that there are a few travel necessities that he always keeps in

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Darren Fells' Plans for Halloween

Darren Fells and his family may have won Halloween this year with their awesome costumes. In this video, Fells tells Like A Pro how they planned to, “put a twist on an old classic.”

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