Fozzy Whittaker

Running Back, Kickoff Returner / Carolina Panthers



Fozzy Whittaker is a professional football player for the NFL Carolina Panthers. The running back and kick returner has played for several NFL teams since his college days at the University of Texas at Austin. Whitaker was picked up originally by the Arizona Cardinals. The Carolina Panthers have been a more consistent residence for Fozzy, as he enters his 4th season with the team.

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February 2, 1989 (age 29)


5 ft 10 in (178 cm)


202 lb (92 kg; 14 stone 6 lb)


Carolina Panthers


Running Back, Kickoff Returner


University of Texas

Fozzy Whittaker Holiday Gift Guide

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Fozzy Whittaker's Hurricane Harvey Wish List

Fozzy's Future Heroes have created an Amazon Wish List for Sarah's House homeless shelter's most important needs.

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Devastation of Hurricane Harvey Hits Home for Fozzy Whittaker

Carolina Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker feels helpless seeing images on television and social media of the devastation Hurricane Harvey has brought to his hometown of Pearland, Texas, locate

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Fozzy Whittaker Shows Up to Camp in Style

Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker made quite an entrance when he pulled into camp with his Transformers Grimlock themed Ford Raptor. Check out this video of him showing off his new ride.

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Fozzy Whittaker's Football Camp July 9th

Join Fozzy for his football camp in Pearland, Texas on July 9th. For more information and to register, click HERE.

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Fozzy Whittaker and Ricky Williams' Football Camp and Showcase

Fozzy Whittaker and Ricky Williams are hosting a football camp and showcase on Sunday, May 28, 2017 in Austin, Texas.  Click on the link below to register. 

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Fozzy Whittaker Training At His Alma Mater

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Fozzy Shares His Story from the University of Texas to Super Bowl 50

After sustaining a significant knee injury his senior year at the Univerisity of Texas, Fozzy Whittaker shares the story of his long journey back onto the playing field. After nearly 2-years of reh

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One of Fozzy Whittaker's Favorite Books

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Fozzy Whittaker's Love of Animals

Fozzy Whittaker has had a passion for animals ever since he was young. In this video Fozzy talks about the numerous pets his family owns.

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Fozzy Whittaker and Family’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an anticipated time of the year for families with young children. Fozzy Whittaker and his family are no different. Fozzy talked to Like A Pro about his son Frost’s costume and what the

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Fozzy Whittaker Talks About The Best Locker Room Prank

In the dog days of training camp, players need something to distract themselves from the grind of football. For Fozzy Whittaker and the Carolina Panthers, they found entertainment in pranking a roo

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Fozzy Whittaker: Family Instills Speed, Faith, and Humility

Joseph Person of The Charlotte Observer talks about the role family has played in Fozzy Whittaker's life. From his hometown of Pearland, Texas all the way to the NFL, Whittaker has relied on values

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Fozzy Whittaker's Passion for Captain America

Carolina Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker has a passion that many people don’t know about: He’s a huge Captain America fan. Whittaker talks about how the character inspires him.

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Fozzy Whittaker answers the call

CHARLOTTE – It may be cliché, but the next-man-up-philosophy truly applies in the Panthers locker room. Yes, in the locker room – not just the coaches’ offices. It was a theme repeated mult

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Carolina Panthers Whittaker on Race Relations: ‘Change is on the horizon’

Add Carolina Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker to the list of athletes joining the ongoing national discussion about race relations and responsible policing. Whittaker spoke at a Thursd

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Fozzy Whittaker Takes a Knee at Sea World San Antonio

In July 2016, Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker proposed to his girlfriend (now wife, Jasmine). Fozzy tells Like A Pro about the proposal that he and his wife will never forget.

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The Player Fozzy Whittaker Is Glad He Doesn't Have To Play Against

As an NFL Running Back, Fozzy Whittaker knows talented players when he sees them. While Fozzy lines up against the best in the game, he spoke with Like A Pro about which player on the Panthers he i

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Favorite Memories at UT: When The Eyes of Texas Were on Fozzy Whittaker

Growing up in Pearland, Texas, Fozzy Whittaker knew how much it meant to be a Texas Longhorn. Whittaker reflects on his time in Austin and what it meant to put on the Longhorns’ uniform.

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Fozzy Whittaker Inspires Younger Generation at The University of Texas

With all of his success on the field, Fozzy Whittaker has made a point of trying to inspire the younger generation. Whittaker talks about his work to motivate students to make the best out of the o

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Fozzy Whittaker Hopes to Turn His NFL Success into Fozzy's Football Frenzy

Carolina Panthers running back Fozzy Whittaker recently began creating his own foundation for the kids in his hometown. Whittaker talks about the annual football camp he organizes in Pearland, Texa

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1 on 1 Interview with Carolina Panthers Fozzy Whittaker

Charlotte Vibe We're thrilled to have Fozzy Whittaker as part of Like A Pro. Enjoy this 1:1 interview with Fozzy by Chris Jenkins at the Charlotte Vibe.

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Get a Tweet Personalized From Carolina Panther Fozzy Whittaker

For a limited time, Fozzy Whittaker is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them

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