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Gary Barnidge is an American NFL player who currently plays tight-end in the NFL. Barnidge’s three-year football career at the University of Louisville was rewarded in the 2008 NFL draft, where he was the 141st overall pick to the Carolina Panthers. Gary played with the panthers until 2012, when he was traded to the Cleveland Browns. In 2015, Gary Barnidge played a tremendous role in the Cleveland browns, as he made the 2015 Pro-Bowl due to his 9 receiving touchdowns and 1,000 plus receiving yard season. He was also ranked the 94th best NFL player of 2016.

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September 22, 1985 (age 32)


6 ft 6 in (198 cm)


250 lb (113 kg; 17 stone 12 lb)




Tight End

2008 NFL Draft

141st Overall Pick

Gary Barnidge Holiday Wish List

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82 Seconds With Gary: Forrest Gump

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82 seconds with Gary: Goonies

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Gary Barnidge's Non-Profit: American Football Without Barriers

Gary Barnidge, Breno Giacomini of the New York Jets, and their college friend, Ahmed Awadallah founded American Football Without Barriers (AFWB) in 2010 when they wanted to host a football camp in

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Gary Barnidge's NFL Career Evolution

Gary Barnidge was drafted in the 5th round by the Carolina Panthers in 2008. After playing four seasons in Carolina, Barnidge signed with the Cleveland Browns as a free agent. He spent the first tw

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Gary Barnidge's 2016 Christmas Scavenger Hunt - Prizes

Prizes  Google Home $250 Amazon Gift Card  Mystery Gift #1 Anki Drive Starter Kit  Mystery Gift #2  

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Gary Barnidge's 2016 Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Anyone, anywhere can win Gary will post the Hunt on December 17 at 1:00PM Eastern Time Fans Have to do 10 of the 11 tasks, and send all pi

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Gary Barnidge's 2016 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Checklist

The goal of the scavenger hunt is to have fun trying to complete the items with friends or family and think outside of the box for some of them. It's meant to be a fun thing to do with a chance at

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What Is Gary Barnidge Thankful For?

When asked what he was thankful for this Thanksgiving, Gary Barnidge’s answer was short, sweet and featured a special guest.

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Gary Barnidge Haunted Prison Live Stream On November 21st!

Follow @likeaprosports on Twitter to watch Gary Barnidge of the Cleveland Browns and his teammates spend the night in a haunted prison on November 21, 2016. 

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How Does Gary Barnidge Adapt to Different Quarterbacks?

During his NFL career, Gary Barnidge has played with multiple different quarterbacks and head coaches. Adjusting to different players and systems can be extremely challenging, but each season Barni

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Gary Barnidge's Most Memorable Interaction with a Fan

The NFL has some of the most passionate fans in the world. During one of his movie screenings, Gary met a fan who has had a tremendous impact on his life. In this video, Barnidge details their inte

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Gary Barnidge's Favorite Clothes

For Gary Barnidge, it’s all about comfort. In this video, he shares some of his favorite clothing items and brands. No matter what the occasion, Barnidge always tries to wear at least one article o

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Gary Barnidge's Favorite Memory from College Football

Gary Barnidge played a vital role in Louisville’s historic season in 2007. In this video, Barnidge shares his favorite football memory from his time as a Cardinal.

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Gary Barnidge's Biggest Challenge as a Pro

Gary Barnidge explains why the biggest challenge of his career has been, “sticking to the path.” During his NFL career, Barnidge backed up some of the league’s most elite tight ends and did not get

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Life After the NFL for Gary Barnidge

Gary Barnidge is passionate about movies. He loves critiquing films and even has his own website. When he retires from the NFL, Barnidge w

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What Does Gary Barnidge Do in the Off-Season?

During the off-season, Gary Barnidge loves to travel. He will pick three parts of the world and spend weeks exploring them. He enjoys spending time in new places and taking in foreign cultures. He

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The Toughest Teammate Gary Barnidge Played Against

Gary Barnidge has a tremendous amount of respect for former teammate, Julius Peppers. As a tight end, Barnidge had to block him in practice and admires Pepper’s incredible strength, size and speed.

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The Coolest Place Gary Barnidge Has Traveled

Gary Barnidge is extremely well-traveled. In this video, he reveals the favorite place he has visited and why he enjoyed his time there.

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Gary Barnidge 2015-16 Highlights

(Click For Video)

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Gary Barnidge Names the Cleveland Browns' Toughest Competitor

In this video, Gary Barnidge reveals which of his teammates he is glad that he does not have to play against. This nine-time Pro Bowler is one of the league’s elite players, and Barnidge classifies

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When Did Gary Barnidge Start Playing Football?

When Gary Barnidge was a sophomore in high school, the football coach approached him about joining the team. Although Barnidge had played in 6th grade, he decided to focus on basketball for the rem

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What Does Gary Barnidge Do on Airplanes?

Between traveling for NFL games and exploring the globe in his free time, Gary Barnidge spends a lot of time on airplanes. In this video, he shares what he does to pass time on these flights.

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What is in Gary Barnidge's Travel Bag?

One of Gary’s favorite hobbies is traveling. Whether he is exploring the globe, or traveling to an NFL away game, Barnidge spends a lot of time in airplanes. In this video, Barnidge catalogues the

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What Sports Did Gary Barnidge Play Growing Up?

Growing up, Gary Barnidge played baseball, basketball and football. He claims that playing other sports made him a better athlete because it helped him develop key skills such as better hand-eye co

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Gary Barnidge's Off-Season Training

During the NFL off-season, Gary Barnidge will return to his hometown of Middleburg, Florida and workout at his high school. He works out regularly to ensure he stays in shape for the upcoming seaso

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Gary Barnidge's Favorite Fast Food

Gary Barnidge’s favorite fast food restaurant used to be Chick Fil A. However, in this video he shares which Ohio-specific joint has dethroned the popular chicken restaurant with what he calls, “th

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Gary Barnidge's Nutrition Plan

While many NFL players follow strict meal plans, Gary Barnidge is not very picky about what he eats. During the season, Barnidge burns so many calories that he focuses on making sure he eats enough

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Gary Barnidge Color Rush Jersey

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Gary Barnidge: Interior Designer

Gary Barnidge loves decorating the rooms in his home with various themes. In this video, Barnidge details the various collections and how they highlight things he is most passionate about.

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