Hiana Thompson

Forward / Georgia Swarm



Hiana Thompson is a Native American professional lacrosse player from the Onondaga Nation in New York. Hiana played lacrosse at Onondaga Community College and in 2009, won the National Junior College Player of the Year. In 2014, Hiana made the roster for the NLL team, the Georgia Swarm along with his two other brothers Lyle, and Miles.

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June 4, 1988 (age 29)


5 ft 11 in (180 cm)


195 lb (88 kg; 13 stone 13 lb)


Georgia Swarm





Hiana Thompson at TBL Camp in Denver

On July 7, 2017 Like A Pro spent time with Hiana Thompson at the Thompson Brothers' Lacrosse Camp in Denver. We caught up with Hiana and asked him about running a lacrosse camp and his plans for th

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Hiana Thompson in Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation

Watch the official trailer for documentary "Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation," directed by Peter Spirer and Peter Baxter. Spirit Game chronicles the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team in the 2015 World

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Hiana Thompson helping a camper prepare for the Nike N7 TBL Camp

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From Buffalo to Georgia: Hiana Thompson's Career Evolution

Hiana Thompson's lacrosse career began at a young age in his community and has evolved into his daily lifestyle. In 5th grade Thompson began learning English and he admits the difficul

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When Hiana Thompson First Picked Up a Stick

Hiana Thompson started playing lacrosse at a young age because it is a major part of the community he grew up in. The Onondaga people have been playing lacrosse since the beginning, be

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The Thompson Brothers Nike Lacrosse Gear

The Thompson brothers teamed up with Nike to design a line of cleats specifically for lacrosse players. Hiana Thompson shared with us some of the gear that the brothers created with Nike. 

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Hiana Thompson's Training for Lacrosse Season

Professional Lacrosse player Hiana Thompson's training has changed from when he was in high school to where his career is today. Throughout high school and college, Hiana said he was "

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Golf, Volleyball, and Bowling; Hiana's Hobbies Outside of Lacrosse

While working out, pro lacrosse player Hiana Thompson doesn't even listen to music because he is so focused on his workout. When you're a professional athlete, your workouts, diet, and

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It's Not Always Easy for Hiana Thompson to Eat Healthy

Athletes try to stick to a diet or nutrition plan, but pro lacrosse player Hiana Thompson said it's not easy for him. "I like to eat food." He thinks the nutrition plan is hardest for Miles and h

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Hiana Builds His Dream Home With Help from His Brothers

With all the success that lacrosse has brought to pro athlete Hiana Thompson, he is fortunate enough to be able to begin building his new home from the ground up. The foundation has be

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The Thompson Brothers Take a Day Off

The Thompson brothers spend most of their time training for and playing lacrosse, but every once and a while they have a day off. What does a day off look like for the brothers? Their

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Have Hiana Thompson Send You A Personalized Tweet

For a limited time, Hiana Thompson is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them

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