Ian Cole

Defenseman / Pittsburgh Penguins



Despite being drafted 18th overall by the St. Louis Blues in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, Ian Cole opted to pursue a collegiate hockey career at the University of Notre Dame. Cole played 3 seasons with the Fighting Irish and at the conclusion of the 2010 season, he signed a professional contract with the Blues. In 2015, the Pittsburgh Penguins acquired Ian Cole and he signed a 3 year contract with the team. Cole won rare back-to-back Stanley Cups with the Penguins in their ‘15 -’16 and ‘16 -’17 seasons. Cole played through significant injuries during the more recent Stanley Cup run.



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February 21, 1989 (age 29)


6 ft 1 in (185 cm)


218 lb (99 kg; 15 stone 8 lb)


Pittsburgh Penguins




Notre Dame

Ian Cole's Favorite TV Show

Ian Cole talked about his love for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Cole recapped the Season 5 finale

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Ian Cole Explains the Pressure to Repeat as Stanley Cup Champions

As the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins face a tremendous amount of pressure this season. Ian Cole talks about the difficulty in defending as Cup Champions and the mindset n

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Ian Cole's Take on Teams Setting Goals for Themselves

With an 82-game season, many believe it is important to set goals as a team in order to stay focused on success in the regular season and beyond. Ian Cole talked about the mindset of the 2016 Stanl

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Penguins Playoff Gear Collection

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Ian Cole's Halloween Costume

Despite Halloween falling in the first month of the NHL season, players still find ways to celebrate the holiday. Ian Cole talks about his costume and how he finds time to enjoy Halloween during th

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Ian Cole's Shin Guards

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Memorable Fan Interactions with Ian Cole and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Every pro athlete has memorable fan interactions, and Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman is no different. Ian tells his stories about interesting interactions with fans.

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The Start of Ian Cole's Hockey Career

Pittsburgh Penguins Defenseman Ian Cole’s love of hockey started at a very young age, with help from his father. Cole talks about his first years playing the game and the important role family play

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What is Ian Cole's Favorite Meal to Cook?

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, Ian Cole has to make sure to eat healthy every day. Ian tells Like A Pro about a favorite dish he likes to cook.

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Ian Cole's Career Evolution

After a standout career with the US National Team Development Program, Ian Cole was drafted 18th overall in 2007. In this video, Cole reflects on his time at Notre Dame, and his time with both the

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How Does Ian Cole Give Back to the Community?

With all the success that NHL defenseman Ian Cole has had, he spoke with Like A Pro about the ways he gives back to the community. Ian Cole talks about his work with the Ronald McDonald House and a

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Ian Cole's Biggest Challenge as a Pro

In a league populated with the best players in the world, there are many challenges to being an NHL Defenseman. Ian Cole talked to Like A Pro about the difficulty in finding consistency at the high

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Ian Cole Professional Hockey Gear

Take a look at this awesome gear that Ian Cole wears on the ice. This is the same model of gear that he wore on the ice in the Stanley Cup. 

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What Does Ian Cole do in the Off-Season?

The NHL has arguably the most demanding schedule of any of the major sports. 82 games is a long season for a sport that is extremely fast and physical. Ian Cole talked to Like A Pro about his recov

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Why Ian Cole Competes

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman, Ian Cole, talked with Like A Pro about why he competes. Professional sports can be a grind with the toll of a long, grueling season adding up. But for Cole, the thin

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Ian Cole's Tattoo

Ian Cole got his first tattoo shortly after leaving college. The ink is to pay homage to his Alma Mater, Notre Dame and the sport he loves.

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Ian Cole Recreates an Old Photo with his Dad and the Stanley Cup

In order to realize his childhood dream of winning the Stanley Cup, Ian Cole needed support from his family. Cole talked about what sharing the Stanley Cup win with his Dad meant to him.

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Ian Cole Talks About Traveling During The NHL Season

At this point in his hockey career, Ian Cole doesn’t even think about traveling anymore. Although NHL teams are constantly on the road, Ian Cole talks about how seamless the process is, and how luc

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Ian Cole's Favorite Way to Condition

“Bag skating” is a term used by hockey players to describe their on-ice conditioning. Like all hockey players, Ian Cole hates getting “bagged”, but acknowledges that he would much rather skate line

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Penguins' Ian Cole Scores his First Career Playoff Goal

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What Does Being a Pro Mean to Ian Cole?

For Ian Cole, being a professional athlete means being a role model. Cole talked about the importance of making good decisions and striving to maintain an image that reflects positively on himself,

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Who is Ian Cole's Toughest Competitor?

Many athletes have one player that they would call their toughest competitor, but for NHL defenseman Ian Cole, every player presents a different challenge. Cole talks about the style of play that i

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Want A Personalized Tweet From Stanley Cup Champion Ian Cole?

For a limited time, Ian Cole is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them on a m

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The Best and Worst Teammates Ian Cole Travels With

NHL players are treated very well when they travel. While the players try to be as low-maintenance as possible, Ian Cole talks about the “pessimistic” nature of Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin.

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Ian Cole's Next Tattoo?

Since winning the Stanley Cup in June, Ian Cole has debated getting another tattoo. He wants to commemorate the championship with a new piece of body art, but jokingly admits that he has been getti

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