Jamar Taylor

Cornerback / Cleveland Browns



Jamar Taylor was drafted in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft after a successful college career with the Boise State Broncos. Taylor played 3 seasons with the Miami Dolphins before he was traded to the Cleveland Browns. During his 2016 season with the Browns, Jamar set a career-high 8 passes defensed and two interceptions. His statistical accolades for the season paid off, as he signed a 3-year contract extension with the Browns.

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September 29, 1990 (age 27)


5 ft 11 in (180 cm)


192 lb (87 kg; 13 stone 10 lb)


Cleveland Browns



2013 NFL Draft

53rd Overall pick

Jamar Taylor's Offseason Training

Jamar Taylor is “ahead of the curve” on his recovery from hernia surgery, and is already preparing for the upcoming season. He has moved to Arizona to train at the Fisher Institute with some of his

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Jamar Taylor's Crazy Draft Experience

Jamar Taylor was very candid when talking about his NFL Draft experience. Between the “bull-crap” over-analyzing of players at the combine, and the frustration of falling to the second round, Taylo

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The Highlight of Jamar Taylor's Offseason

Jamar Taylor checked in with Like A Pro to tell his fans what he's been up to this offseason.

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Jamar Taylor's Favorite Memories from the 2016 Season

Although the Cleveland Browns only won one game this season, Jamar Taylor is proud of the way his team continued to battle throughout the year. In this video, Taylor reveals his favorite team and p

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Jamar Taylor on Overcoming Adversity

Despite having a rough start to his career in Miami, Jamar Taylor has overcome tremendous obstacles to become one of the premiere defensive backs in the NFL. In this video, Taylor reveals the playe

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Jamar Taylor's Plans for Thanksgiving

Jamar Taylor is excited to celebrate his first Thanksgiving in Cleveland. In this video, he reveals what he will be cooking, and who he will be spending the holiday with.

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What is Jamar Taylor Thankful For?

Jamar Taylor recently sat down with Like A Pro to let us know what he is most thankful for this holiday season. In this video, he opens up about how the demanding schedule of the NFL has made him a

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Jamar Taylor's Favorite Memory From Boise State

Jamar Taylor had a lot of personal and team success while playing for the Boise State Broncos. During his five seasons, the team won over 60 games and played in some of NCAA’s biggest bowl games. I

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Jamar Taylor's Leadership Style

This past season, the Cleveland Browns were one of the youngest teams in the NFL, and relied heavily on veteran players such as Jamar Taylor to be leaders. Taylor believes that leaders are born, no

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Jamar Taylor's Favorite NFL Memory

Jamar Taylor has played in the NFL since 2013. During that time, he has experienced the highs and lows of being an NFL player, and has learned more about what it means to be a professional. In this

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Jamar Taylor's Training Routine

Jamar Taylor is constantly working to become a better NFL player. He loves to hit the gym to work on his footwork and overall fitness. In addition to an intense workout regimen, Taylor watches hour

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Jamar Taylor's Favorite Recovery Tool

"Best thing for recovery after a hard workout are the Normatec boots" - Jamar Taylor

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What Does Jamar Taylor Do in His Free Time?

Even when Jamar Taylor has a day off from the NFL, he is not far removed from the game he loves. He will spend his day off by watching film and helping his body recover. He also loves to spend time

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Why Does Jamar Taylor Compete?

Jamar Taylor wants to be best. Whether he was racing bikes as a kid, or playing in the NFL, Taylor’s competitive spirit drives him to compete every single day.

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The Beginning of Jamar Taylor's Football Career

Jamar Taylor’s journey to the NFL began when he was just five years old. Taylor’s family has always loved football, and he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and older cousins who had

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Jamar Taylor's Career Evolution

During his five seasons at Boise State, Jamar Taylor established himself as one of the premiere cornerbacks in the country. He loved his time as a Bronco because of his tremendous coaching staff, f

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Jamar Taylor's Nutrition Plan

Jamar Taylor’s healthy eating complements his training regimen. Taylor reveals that because his wife was a track star, she also focuses on eating healthy food and has a lot of great recipes. In thi

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Jamar Taylor Highlights Vs BYU

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What Does Jamar Taylor Miss Most about His Hometown?

Jamar Taylor grew up in San Diego, California but his football career has taken him all over the country. In this video, Taylor reveals why living away from home has made him miss his family and go

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Jamar Taylor's Biggest Challenge as a Pro

Jamar Taylor believes that the biggest challenge he has faced during his NFL career was his situation in Miami. In this video, Taylor talks about the adversity he faced as a Dolphin, and how it rev

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