Jamie Subandhi

Singles/Mixed Doubles Badminton / USA



Jamie Subandhi is an American badminton player who participates in the singles and mixed doubles badminton events. Subandhi has compiled more than a dozen medals in her badminton career and has been ranked as high as the 38th women's player in the world.

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January 15, 1989 (age 29)


5 ft 4 in (163 cm)




Singles/Mixed Doubles Badminton


Rio 2016

Jamie Subandhi On Being A Wonder Woman

Following the release of the summer blockbuster movie Wonder Woman, we asked our female athletes what being a Wonder Woman means to them. In this video, 2016 Olympian Badminton player Jamie Subandh

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Jamie Subandhi Swears By 2XU Compression Pants

Whether she’s just finished a training session, or an Olympic match, Jamie Subandhi needs to recover as fast as she can. In addition to a clean diet and a series of post-workout stretches, Jamie Su

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Jamie Subandhi's Training Routine

Growing up, Jamie Subandhi would practice badminton for three hours every day after school. While a 15-hour training week may seem like a lot, it paled in comparison to her training regimen as she

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Why Jamie Subandhi Uses A Microsoft Tablet

When asked about which everyday item she could not live without, Jamie Subandhi was quick to mention the Microsoft surface pro tablet. Because she travels a lot, Subandhi loves its light weight wit

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Jamie Subandhi on the Challenges Female Athletes Face

Although Jamie Subandhi has never felt insecure about being a female badminton player, she recognizes that sometimes she is treated differently than her male counterparts. In this video, Subandhi e

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2016 Malaysia Michael FUCHS /Birgit MICHELS vs Phillip CHEW /Jamie SUBANDHI

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How Does Jamie Subandhi Stay Motivated?

Jamie Subandhi uses a series of products and mental tricks to help keep her motivated. In this video, Subandhi reveals her tactics for staying motivated and shares a quote she lives by.

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Jamie Subandhi's Career Evolution

Jamie Subandhi took an unconventional path to becoming an elite badminton player. After high school she was faced with the decision to play on the international tour, or to attend college. In this

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How Does Jamie Subandhi Define Excellence?

Excellence in sport is a difficult thing to define, but for Jamie Subandhi, it has nothing to do with the win-loss column. In this video, Subandhi gives her definition of excellence, and stresses t

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The Beginning of Jamie Subandhi's Badminton Career

Jamie Subandhi began playing organized badminton at just six years old. However, her father claims that she started much earlier than that. In this video, Subandhi talks about the beginning of her

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Jamie Subandhi Describes Playing in the Olympics

Jamie Subandhi has been playing badminton since she was six years old, and has played in some of the world’s most prestigious tournaments. However, nothing could prepare her for the thrill of walki

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Jamie Subandhi's Least Favorite Workout

In this video, Jamie Subandhi details her “love hate relationship” with this popular exercise.

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Jamie Subandhi's Favorite Memory from the Olympics

Jamie Subandhi played in her first Olympics in Rio in 2016. She describes the entire experience as, “surreal”, but in this video identifies her favorite memory as an Olympian.

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What Does Jamie Subandhi Keep in her Gym Bag?

Jamie Subandhi has a handful of items she needs to bring with her every time she heads to the gym. In this video, Subandhi lists both the badminton and workout gear that she keeps in her gym bag.

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Jamie Subandhi Empowers Young Women Through Sport

Jamie Subandhi is passionate about the empowerment of young women through sport. In this video, Subandhi discusses her work with the group ZGirls, and some of the values she hopes to instill in the

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Jamie Subandhi Talks Olympic Village and Ceremonies

Olympic athletes love getting to take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the games. Jamie Subandhi recalls walking into a packed arena to the ringing chants of USA and feeling pure joy a

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Jamie Subandhi on What Makes the Best Teammate

In addition to competing on her own, Jamie Subandhi plays both doubles and mixed-doubles badminton. During her career, Subandhi has played with a variety of partners, but there is one thing she alw

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What Does Being a Professional Athlete Mean to Jamie Subandhi?

For Jamie Subandhi, being a professional athlete is all about accountability. As one of the most recognized figures in her sport, she hopes to use her platform to help inspire future generations of

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Jamie Subandhi's Life After Badminton

When Jamie Subandhi retires from professional badminton, she hopes to work as a physical therapist. In this video, Subandhi discusses how her academic background supports this choice, and which typ

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Jamie Subandhi's Advice for Young Athletes

For young aspiring athletes, it can be easy to lose sight of your dreams during challenging times. Jamie Subandhi wants to remind them that the trajectory to success is not a linear path, but inste

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Jamie Subandhi's Nutrition Plan

Although Jamie Subandhi does not follow a strict nutrition plan, she is very conscientious about what she eats. She notices significant differences in her playing performance and workout intensity

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Jamie Subandhi's Biggest Challenge

Jamie Subandhi has dedicated her life to her dream of playing in the Olympics. However, despite all the years of training, this dream was almost taken away from her when she was injured in a car ac

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