Jeremy Noble

Forward / Colorado Mammoth



Jeremy Noble is a professional lacrosse player who attended and played lacrosse at the University of Denver. During his college career, Noble was labeled with All-American three different times in his 4 years. Jeremy was then selected as the number 2 overall pick by the Rochester Knighthawks, but was traded to his current team, the Colorado Mammoth shortly after.

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September 5, 1991 (age 26)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


170 lb (77 kg; 12 stone 2 lb)


Colorado Mammoth



Three Time

All American

Jeremy Noble's Favorite Memories from DU

During Jeremy Noble’s four years at the University of Denver, the Pioneers were one of the nation’s top teams. However, despite all of this success including two trips to the Final Four, Jeremy Nob

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Jeremy Noble's Career Evolution

Coming out of high school, Jeremy Noble had numerous offers to play college lacrosse. During an official visit to the University of Denver, Noble fell in love with the state of Colorado, the school

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Jeremy Noble's Favorite Music

Whether he is walking into an NLL arena, or driving around Denver, Jeremy Noble loves to have music playing. In this video, Noble explains how his Canadian heritage plays a large role in his taste

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What Does Jeremy Noble Keep in his Gym Bag?

Jeremy Noble is thrilled to be sponsored by both Nike and Advocare. In this video, Noble lists everything he keeps in his gym bag when he is heading to a workout.

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Jeremy Noble on Balancing Professional Lacrosse with Everyday Life

Professional lacrosse is unique in the sense that players work other jobs during the week before playing in games on the weekend. Balancing a full-time job with the demands of being a professional

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The Beginning of Jeremy Noble's Lacrosse Career

Jeremy Noble began playing lacrosse when he was just six years old. While his father was thrilled to have another lacrosse player in the family, Jeremy’s mother was concerned about the physicality

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Jeremy Noble Gives Advice to Younger Players

Having played lacrosse for nearly his entire life, Jeremy Noble has been given his fair share of advice from coaches and teammates. Noble is a big believer in taking the time to do the little thing

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Jeremy Noble's Life After Lax

When the day comes for Jeremy Noble to retire from professional lacrosse, he hopes to remain involved with the sport he loves. Already an assistant coach at the University of Denver, Noble has posi

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Jeremy Noble Talks Team Jokesters, Locker Room Pranks and Rookie Duties

Jeremy Noble loves joking around with his teammates. In this video, he reveals who the biggest jokester on his team is, some of the pranks they pull on each other and the special duties rookies hav

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Jeremy Noble on the Challenges of Professional Lacrosse

Unlike other professional athletes, lacrosse players have full-time jobs outside of their sport. In this video, Jeremy Noble talks about some of the challenges pro lacrosse players face, and also r

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How Does Jeremy Noble Train?

Jeremy Noble takes his off-field training very seriously. He currently works with a trainer multiple days per week to ensure he is in peak physical condition for the professional lacrosse seasons.

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Jeremy Noble and Mark Matthews

Jeremy Noble and fellow Like A Pro Athlete, Mark Matthews, have played together at both the collegiate and international levels. In thi

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Jeremy Noble's Favorite Athletes

Jeremy Noble learns a lot about how to be a professional by watching athletes from other sports. Noble admires Kevin Durant and Peyton Manning for both their tremendous skill and the way they condu

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Jeremy Noble's Favorite Memories from Professional Lacrosse

Jeremy Noble is widely recognized as one of the best players in both the MLL and NLL, and has experienced the highs and lows of playing professional lacrosse. Noble reveals that the highlight of hi

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Jeremy Noble Talks About his Hometown

Jeremy Noble grew up in Orangeville, Ontario, but has lived in Colorado for the past seven years playing collegiate and professional lacrosse. While Noble loves living in the United States, part of

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Jeremy Noble's Toughest Teammate to Play Against

Throughout his professional career, Jeremy Noble has played with some of the most talented lacrosse players on the planet. In this video, Noble reveals which Colorado Mammoth teammate he thinks is

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Jeremy Noble Highlights at Denver

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Jeremy Noble's Diet

Jeremy Noble focuses on eating healthy foods to complement his intense fitness regimen. Having grown up spending a lot of time with his mother, Noble admits that he absolutely loves to cook. He wil

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Jeremy Noble's Nicknames

Jeremy Noble goes by multiple aliases. In this video, Jeremy Noble reveals what his buddies call him, and how one of his nicknames represents his strong relationship with his father.

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