Jeremy Pancras

Freestyle Skier / French Olympic Ski Team



Jeremy Pancras is a French freestyle skier. Jeremy competed in the Sochi Olympic games, where he finished in 19th place. Other notable events are his 3rd place finish in the 2015 Sony Snowcrown Big Air and 1st in the Sparebank Show and Style in Norway. His style and approach to freestyle skiing have given him the nicknames “Thumper” and “PanPan”.

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December 26, 1991 (age 26)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


145 lb (66 kg; 10 stone 5 lb)


French Olympic Ski Team


Freestyle Skier

2015 Sony Snowcrown Big Air

3rd place

Jeremy Pancras Stars In The Mount 3

Lots of you guys know that skiing in Mt. Hood isn't just about the days on skis. While filming for this third flick in Oregon I wanted to show what it is like to live in our "ski bum tents" and b

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Why Did Jeremy Pancras Ski Competitively?

Jeremy Pancras originally began skiing in competitions because it allowed him to travel. Coaches would take Pancras all over Europe to compete, and he loved seeing new places. His travels eventua

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Jeremy Pancras Official Boots He Uses

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Jeremys Goto Skateboard

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French Freestyle Skier Jérémy Pancras Throwing Down at Mount Hood, Oregon

 Jérémy Pancras/Vimeo     

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Jeremy Pancras' Working Relationship with his Girlfriend

For most people, it would be difficult to work with their husband or wife every day. However, this is not the case for professional skier Jeremy Pancras and his girlfriend, Melissa Coursol. Melis

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Jeremy Pancras' Olympic Experience

Jeremy Pancras competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics. However, having recently recovered from a knee surgery, Pancras did not ski to the best of his ability. Although he did not medal, Pancras lov

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How Did Jeremy Pancras Balance Friendship and Competition?

Jeremy Pancras has skied in some of the world’s top freestyle events including the X-Games and the 2014 Winter Olympics. However, he recently retired from competitive skiing, and has chosen to fo

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Where Did Jeremy Pancras Train in the United States?

Due to his demanding schedule, Jeremy Pancras primarily lived in the United States during competition season. In the winters, Jeremy lived and trained in Breckenridge, Colorado and spent his summ

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Jeremy Pancras Explains the Differences Between Two Types of Skiing

Jeremy Pancras recently decided to stop skiing in competitions in order to focus solely on starring in and producing ski movies. Pancras explains that the film side of skiing gives him more freed

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Jeremy Pancras' Favorite Hobbies

When Jeremy Pancras isn’t skiing, he loves to skateboard and workout. He also enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend, working on his computer and watching ski movies.

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Jeremy Pancras' Favorite Place to Ski

Jeremy Pancras has traveled all over the world to ski in competitions and star in skiing videos. He says that his favorite place to ski is Japan because of its unique conditions and culture.

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Jeremy Pancras' Favorite Memory of Skiing with his Girlfriend

Jeremy Pancras travels the globe to ski with his girlfriend and photographer, Melissa Coursol. He reflects that some of their best memories together are from when they have skied together in Mamm

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How Does Jeremy Pancras Train and Recover From Injuries?

Professional Skier Jeremy Pancras has unfortunately had numerous injuries throughout his career. Pancras explains that following a knee surgery, being bound to a wheelchair can be both physically

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Jeremy Pancras Describes the Olympic Village

When he wasn’t skiing during the 2014 Winter Olympics, Jeremy Pancras was hanging out in the Olympic Village. The dorms and infrastructure were, “not the best”, but Pancras loved eating at the ca

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Jeremy Pancras' Skiing Role Models

Growing up in France, Jeremy Pancras idolized French skier Candide Thovex. Pancras and his friends used to ski with the freestyle skiing icon, and wanted to be exactly like him.

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Jeremy Pancras Talks About His Hometown

Jeremy Pancras grew up in Annecy, France. Nicknamed “the Pearl of the French Alps”, Annecy is characterized by its beautiful blue lakes surrounded by cascading mountain ranges. Although he has tr

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Jeremy Pancras' Favorite Bindings

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