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Kevin McDermott is a professional long snapper for the Minnesota Vikings. He played for the University of California at Los Angeles during his college football career. McDermott was not picked in the 2013 NFL Draft, but signed with the San Francisco 49ers shortly after as a free agent. Kevin played for several teams before landing with the Minnesota Vikings. He recently signed a 4 year extension with the Vikings in 2016.

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January 12, 1990 (age 28)


6 ft 5 in (196 cm)


250 lb (113 kg; 17 stone 12 lb)


Minnesota Vikings


Long Snapper



Kevin McDermott's Work with the Helpline Center

Kevin McDermott, his wife Lauren and their yellow Labrador Cash traveled to South Dakota to take part in the "Step Forward to Prevent Suicide" walk. In addition to walking and donating, Kevin also

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Kevin McDermott To Walk in Step Forward to Prevent Suicide

Kevin McDermott will be walking in the Step Forward to Prevent Suicide this Saturday in Sioux Falls. In addition to participating, Kevin will be available for autographs and photos. Learn more abou

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Kevin McDermott Explains Being a Long Snapper

The long snapper is arguably the most under appreciated position in all of football. Even some of the most passionate fans neglect to recognize the skill and discipline it requires to be an elite N

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Is Kevin McDermot Competitive With His Wife?

Kevin McDermott admits that he is an extremely competitive person. His wife, Lauren, is also very tenacious, but the two do a good job of not competing with one another.

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Kevin McDermott and Jeff Locke

Kevin McDermott and Minnesota Vikings punter, Jeff Locke, have been close friends for a long time. They played at UCLA together for five seasons, and were even roommates for their last four years.

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Kevin McDermott Talks Thanksgiving

Although the Minnesota Vikings play in Detroit on Thanksgiving day, Kevin McDermott still has big plans for the evening's feast. He plans to be back in Minnesota by 5:30 pm so that he and his teamm

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Kevin McDermott Gives Thanks

Kevin McDermott is extremely thankful for his wonderful wife, Lauren. In this video, McDermott explains why he is most thankful for family this holiday season.

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Kevin McDermott Discusses NFL and NCAA Rivalries

The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers have a heated rivalry that dates back to 1961 when Minnesota first entered the league. In this video, Kevin McDermott explains what it is like playing in

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Kevin McDermott's Favorite Athletes

Before deciding to play college football at UCLA, Kevin McDermott was a standout high school basketball player. He loved basketball growing up, and always admired the playing style of former NBA le

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Kevin McDermott Opens Up About An Important Cause

Kevin McDermott is passionate about senior assisted living and care. Having multiple grandparents who have lived into their 90’s and 100’s, McDermott has seen first-hand the challenges that accompa

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Kevin McDermott's Dog

Kevin Dermott and his Wife, Lauren, love spending time with their dog. In this video, McDermott introduces Like A Pro to Cash, his white Labrador.

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Kevin McDermott's Career Evolution

Kevin McDermott began playing football in middle school and because his team only had eleven players, McDermott was forced to play on both sides of the ball and learn every position. His team went

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What Did Kevin McDermott Study at UCLA?

Kevin McDermott majored in political science at UCLA. Luckily, McDermott was truly interested in the material, but many of his teammates were not as fortunate. In this video, he explains how playin

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Learn More about the Helpline Center

Learn more about a cause that Kevin McDermott holds close to his heart. To join Kevin in the fight against suicide click here.

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Kevin McDermott's Favorite NFL Memory

Since entering the NFL, Kevin McDermott has been a part of numerous game-winning kicks. In this video, McDermott details his first NFL playoff game with the San Francisco 49’ers, and a game-winning

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Kevin McDermott's Favorite Restaurants

Having grown up in Nashville, attended college in Los Angeles and then played on three different NFL teams, Kevin McDermott has eaten at some of the country’s best restaurants. In this video he rev

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What Does Kevin McDermott Do in His Free Time?

When Kevin McDermott gets a day off, he loves to hang out with his wife, Lauren, and their Yellow Lab, Cash. The trio will spend time doing errands or relaxing at home before McDermott reports back

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Kevin McDermott's Passion for Other Sports

In addition to playing football, Kevin McDermott was a standout basketball player throughout high school. Although he loves and misses the sport, he refuses to play any pickup games out of fear of

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Kevin McDermott Describes Playing on Monday Night Football

Kevin McDermott was a huge football fan growing up. Originally from Nashville, McDermott rooted for the Tennessee Titans and always loved staying up late on school nights to watch Monday Night Foot

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Kevin McDermott's Favorite Cities

Kevin McDermott is extremely well-traveled. In this video, he lists the multitude of reasons why Los Angeles is his favorite city in the world, and also his favorite spot overseas that he refers to

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Kevin McDermott's Biggest Challenge as a Professional

Kevin McDermott has played in the NFL since 2013. During that time, he has worked tirelessly to become the best and most consistent player he can be. In this video, McDermott explains why consisten

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Kevin McDermott's Favorite Movies

Kevin McDermott minored in film at UCLA, and loves watching movies in his free time. Here he details some of his favorite flicks, and why they are significant to him. In particular, he talks about

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Kevin McDermott's Favorite TV Shows

During his days off, Kevin McDermott loves to catch up on some TV shows with his wife, Lauren, and their yellow Labrador, Cash. In this video, he picks some of his favorite shows on HBO and Netflix

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Kevin McDermott Talks About Crazy Football Fans

Football fans are known for being some of the most passionate people in the country. In this video, Kevin McDermott details an interaction with a group of Rice University students while he was play

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Kevin McDermott's Toughest Teammate

Having played for multiple teams during his four-year NFL career, Kevin McDermott has played with some of the league’s most elite talent. In this video, McDermott identifies the toughest teammate h

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Kevin McDermott's Nickname

In this video, Kevin McDermott very candidly admits that, “long snappers aren’t cool enough for nicknames.”

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Kevin McDermott Talks About Playing in the New Vikings' Stadium

In the summer of 2016, the Minnesota Vikings opened the doors to their brand new, 1.06-billion-dollar stadium. Located in Minneapolis, U.S. Bank Stadium has become the new standard for luxury in sp

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Kevin McDermott, UCLA Snapping Video from Coach Zauner's 2013 College Combine

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