Kwame Little

Fullback/ Wing / Dallas Rugby Football Club



Kwame Little is a professional rugby player from Aliceville, Alabama. He currently plays fullback/winger for the Dallas Rugby Football Club. Little was a dual athlete at the University of Alabama Birmingham, as he played football, but also started the school’s first rugby club in 2011. After college, Kwame decided to pursue rugby rather than his football career.

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May 20, 1991 (age 26)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


185 lb (84 kg; 13 stone 3 lb)


Dallas Rugby Football Club


Fullback/ Wing


National Championship Cap

Kwame Little's Concerts

Kwame Little admits that he hasn't been to too many concerts in his life, with the exception of a select few. "I've seen Lil Wayne and J. Cole," Little said. "Hopefully I'll go an see Adele in the

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Kwame Little Talks About Bonding with Teammates

The bond between teammates on a sports team is something special. For Kwame Little, he and his teammates are more than just friends on the field. "After every practice we try to get the tea

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What is Kwame Little Thankful For?

Kwame Little recently sat down with Like A Pro to tell us what he is most thankful for this holiday season. In this video, he reflects on an incredible year and the people who helped make it specia

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Kwame Little's Volunteer Work

Kwame Little of the Atlanta Rhinos does a good amount of charity work when he's not going hard on the rugby field.  "We usually help at this school called St. Phillips, it's ike right acros

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Kwame Little's Nutrition Plan

All athletes follow some sort of nutrition plans to stay in top shape. Or do they? "I don't have to follow a nutrition plan but my body feels a lot healthier [when I do,]" Little said. He did name

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Kwame Little Explains Moving Around to Multiple Teams

Kwame Little acknowledged that some athletes are constantly having to relocate. "I think in rugby it's a little easier than in sports like football," he said. But regardless, athletes who play toge

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Kwame Little's Most Recent Tournament

The most recent tournament that Kwame Little participated in was in Little Rock, Arkansas. "We won our first match against the Memphis Blues...we played Tulsa after that, then we got to pla

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Kwame Little's Experience with Down Syndrome

Kwame Little has a brother that is affected by Down Syndrome. It's been somewhat of a tough position for him to be in, watching a loved one deal with it. "All the insensitivity towards peop

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Kwame Little's Post Rugby Plans

After his hopefully long and prosperous career ends, Kwame Little has an idea of what he'll try to do once he retires. "I either want to be a physical trainer or do physical therapy," he said. Litt

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Kwame Little's Biggest Professional Challenge

The pressures of being a professional athlete are immense. Just ask Kwami Little. "The biggest challenge is having to compete for your spot all the time," Little said. "I never had to compe

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Kwame Little's Favorite Video Games

Professional rugby player Kwame Little enjoys video games. His taste in games is pretty balanced. "I like RPGs (role playing games) like Skyrim," he said. "Of course, I love sports games. I love

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Kwame Little Explains Some Rugby Basics

Kwame Little was kind enough to clear up some things about the sport of rugby. "In rugby league, if you get tackled, you roll the ball under your foot and you have six downs to score or kic

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Kwame Little and Balancing Playing More than One Sport

For a time, Kwame Little played both football and rugby. He admitted that he really didn't have an answer for the balancing act required to play more than one sport at once. "I had to stop playing

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Kwame Little's Favorite TV Shows

Like A Pro |Staff When he's not on the rugby field, Kwame Little likes to sit back and watch some TV. "I watch Hulu most of the time," he said. "It's a good way to watch TV shows that you'v

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Kwame Little's Favorite Rugby Memory

It may sound strange, but Kwame Little's favorite rugby memory came in a game that he lost. "Even though we lost in the National Championship when I was playing rugby league, that was my fi

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Kwame Little Talks About His Workouts

In order to be in shape for the rigors of the rugby season, center Kwamé Little has to be well conditioned. When asked about his least favorite workout Little responded, “I mean, everyone hates car

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Kwamé Little 2015 Rugby Highlights

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How Kwamé Little Started Playing Rugby

Kwamé Little’s professional rugby career almost didn’t happen. Little says “I went to my college because I wanted to try to walk on to the football team.” But football wasn’t in the cards for Kwamé

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Kwame Little on What it Means to be a Pro

Kwame Little has a very clear understanding of what it means to be a professional athlete. "You're getting paid to represent an organization," he said. "You should represent them to the bes

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What Kwamé Little Does On His Days Off

For professional rugby player Kwamé Little, days off don’t come too often. With a busy schedule of training, practices, and games Kwamé doesn’t get a whole lot of free time. But when he does get so

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Kwame Little's Favorite Music

Kwame Little is into hip hop. "When I'm lifting and training, you don't just want to sit and train and be thinking about it the whole time." Little named J. Cole and Wale as his go to guys for hype

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Kwamé Little Explains the Rugby Community

All professional rugby players understand the reality that they end up moving from team to with some frequency. Kwamé Little is no exception. While it’s hard to see teammates and friends move from

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Kwamé Little Explains the Benefits of Rugby Tackling

By playing football when he was younger, professional rugby player, Kwamé Little knows the benefits of rugby-style tackling first hand. While football tackling is much more about just finding a way

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Kwamé Little On His Sports Role Models

Most athletes can recall a time when they looked up to a role model. For rugby player Kwamé Little his role models weren’t far from home. Kwamé says “almost every guy in my family played sports. So

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Kwamé Little Explains His Position On the Pitch

Professional Rugby player Kwamé Little is a playmaker. Like A Pro sat down with Kwamé to learn more about the positions he plays on the pitch. Kwamé says “the wing is basically the playmaker on the

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