Lindsay Tarpley


Forward/Winger / USWNT, Chicago Red Stars, Saint Louis Athletica, Boston Breakers



Lindsay Tarpley is a two-time USA Olympic gold medalist soccer player from Wisconsin. In 2002, Tarpley began her 4 year career as a University of North Carolina Tar Heel. In 2006, the Tar Heels retired her jersey from their women’s soccer program. She totalled 59 goals and 59 assists during her time at North Carolina. Tarpley won gold in the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games before retiring in 2011 due to a knee injury.

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September 22, 1983 (age 34)


5 ft 6 in (168 cm)


USWNT, Chicago Red Stars, Saint Louis Athletica, Boston Breakers




North Carolina

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How is Training Different Now That Lindsay Tarpley is Retired?

Lindsay Tarpley is now retired from soccer, but she continues to workout to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When she was active, Lindsay was training 24/7. When the training wasn't physica

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Lindsay Tarpley's Early Soccer Memories

Former pro soccer player Lindsay Tarpley started her sport around the age of four. He older brother was a soccer player and her father was the coach, their activity sparked her interest.

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Former soccer player Lindsay Tarpley has been very involved with clarity work since the start of her career. The Skin Cancer Foundation is an organization close to Tarpley's heart. Unfor

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Why Lindsay Tarpley Joined Sweat Cosmetics

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Professional Soccer Player, Lindsay Tarpley's Olympic Experience

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Pro Soccer Player Lindsay Tarpley's Competitive Spirit

Lindsay Tarpley, a former forward for the US women's soccer team, has had a competitive spirit since the day she was born. "That quality propelled me to the top of my sport," she said. T

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Former USWNT Player, Lindsay Tarpley Gives Back in Kalamazoo, MI

Former women's pro soccer player Lindsay Tarpley has been finding ways to give back to the community in the form of soccer camps. Though she is retired, she still has immense love for th

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