Madi Serpico

Professional Triathlete / Canada



Running triathlons is in Madi Sperico’s blood. Her first triathlon was the Ironman Canada, which she completed at only 12 years old. Serpico has been running marathons ever since and has really developed a love for the endurance aspect of the sport. Madi has recently gone vegan and discusses the potential challenges and benefits that the diet has on her health and training regiment.

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December 14, 1992 (age 25)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)




Professional Triathlete



Madi Serpico Talks Career Decisions and Goals

Madi Serpico’s long-term goal is to race in the Iron Man. Already racing professionally for four seasons, Serpico has established herself as an elite competitor in shorter-distance races. In this v

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Madi Serpico's Training Routine

Madi Serpico trains seven days a week, multiple times a day. During her 35-hour training week, she focuses on all three triathlon disciplines and also does weights and strength work. In this video,

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Why is Madi Serpico a Vegan?

Madi Serpico has become one of the country’s best-known vegan professional athletes. Family influence, watching documentaries and doing her own detailed research all led to her decision to eliminat

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The Fitness Trackers Madi Serpico Uses When Training

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Madi Serpico's Least Favorite Workout

During her 35-hour training week, Madi Serpico cycles through a wide array of exercises. In this video, Serpico reveals why her least-favorite discipline is swimming, and shares the toughest workou

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What Type of Music Does Madi Serpico Listen To?

Madi Serpico loves listening to music. As, “an 80’s baby at heart”, Serpico adores songs from previous decades. Music is also an important aspect of Serpico’s training routine. In this video, she d

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How Madi Serpico Became a Triathlete

Before becoming a professional triathlete, Madi Serpico grew up a competitive runner. Serpico’s mother is also an accomplished triathlete and even opened a triathlon gear store in their hometown of

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What Does Madi Serpico Miss Most about her Hometown?

Madi Serpico grew up in Calgary, Alberta but her triathlon career has taken her around the world. Currently living in San Diego, Serpico jokingly admits that she does not miss the weather in Canada

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Madi Serpico's Talks About her Favorite Kitchen Items

Madi Serpico enjoys cooking and following a healthy diet. In this video, she talks about her two favorite kitchen items; the Juicero and Vitamix, and how she uses them.

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Madi Serpico's Favorite Ways to Get Protein into her Diet

Many professional athletes are hesitant to try veganism because they are concerned with their energy levels and muscle growth. However, Madi Serpico has tailored her diet to ensure she is getting a

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Madi Serpico Works with More Than Sport

Madi Serpico is very active with the non-profit More Than Sport. During her six years with the group, she has been a part of some rewarding projects including building houses and bicycles in underd

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Madi Serpico's Favorite Professional Memory

Madi Serpico loves to travel. As a professional triathlete she has raced all around the world. In this video, she reveals her favorite memory as a professional, and the race she is most excited for

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Madi Serpico's Path to the Pros

Unlike other professional sports, there is no “draft” for triathletes to then enter a league. Instead, athletes must apply for their pro cards through multiple governing bodies, and then continue t

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