Mickey Nuttall

Professional Skydiver & BASE Jumper / GoFast & Team USA



Mickey has been skydiving for over 22 years. He is a 3 time US National Champion in 4-way VFS and has won 12 gold medals in Wind Tunnel Competitions. Mickey has appeared on TV shows such as CSI Miami, and Jackass in the famous rigless skydive stunt. When he isn’t traveling he resides in Denver Colorado, practicing wind tunnel stunts, coaching skydive hopefuls, and practicing his (legal) BASE jumps and Squirrel Suit stunts.

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July 18, 1969 (age 48)


6 ft 1 in (185 cm)


175 lb (79 kg; 12 stone 7 lb)


GoFast & Team USA


Professional Skydiver & BASE Jumper

Movie Stunts

Ant Man, Iron Man 3

Mickey Nuttall Talks About His Sponsorship with GoFast

In order to travel the world to do stunts and events, it is important to have quality sponsorship. Luckily for professional skydiver and BASE jumper Mickey Nuttall, he has a great sponsorship wit

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Mickey Nuttall Talks About Building Trust in Skydiving

When it comes to a high risk sport like skydiving, trust is of the utmost importance. When asked about the need to trust those around you to remain safe Mickey Nuttall says “yeah, you have to… Th

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Welcome New Like A Pro Athlete Mickey Nuttall

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Mickey Nuttall Helps Build Largest Ever Vertical Skydiving Formation

Traveling at speeds of up to 240 mph, 164 skydivers flying head-down built the largest ever vertical skydiving formation Friday over central Illinois, smashing the previous record. It took the in

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Mickey Nuttall's Training Routine

Like most professional athletes, Mickey exercises regularly to stay in peak physical condition for his sport. In addition to at regular routine of cardio, lifting weights, and stretching, Mickey

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How does Mickey Nuttall Stay Lean and Flexible for Flying?

Being flexible is absolutely essential for skydiving. Mickey explains how flexibility not only helps prevent injuries, but also increases your range of motion. Mickey is constantly working on his

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Mickey Nuttall's Diet

Mickey Nuttall does not follow a strict meal plan, but his default is always a clean diet. More than 80% of the food he eats is plant grown, with his major source of protein coming from fish. Mic

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Mickey Nuttall's Least Favorite Workout

While Mickey Nuttall recognizes the need to train for his sport, he despises going to the gym. Trapped indoors and surrounded by mirrors is not how Mickey would prefer to spend his time, but he s

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Mickey Nuttall's First Time Skydiving

Mickey Nutall’s love for skydiving started with his very first jump back in 1993 just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tandem jumping was not popular yet, so he used a static line to help depl

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Have Mickey Nuttall Send A Custom Tweet To You

For a limited time, Mickey Nuttall is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them

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Mickey Nuttall Discusses Securing and Maintaining Sponsors

The value of sponsorship and marketing support can be a difficult thing to measure. Some companies are willing to pour millions of dollars into endorsement deals for athletes to represent their bra

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