Mike Riddle

Freestyle Skier / Canada



Mike Riddle is a professional freestyle skier from Canada. Riddle’s best ski event in the past has been the halfpipe. In the 2014 winter Olympics, Riddle received a silver medal for the half-pipe event. His best finish though was a gold medal finish in the 2011 Freestyle World Championships in Deer Valley, Utah.

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June 17, 1986 (age 31)


6 ft 0 in (183 cm)


166 lb (75 kg; 11 stone 12 lb)




Freestyle Skier

Olympic Winning Run

back-to-back double cork 12s

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Freestyle Skier, Mike Riddle Laying it All Out in the Halfpipe

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Freestyle Skier, Mike Riddle's Silver Medal Run in Sochi

With style and grace, Mike Riddle makes it look so easy with this flawless performance in Sochi earning him the Silver Medal in Men's Freestyle Skiing. 

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The science of halfpipe, explained by Canadian freestyle skier Mike Riddle

The Candadian Press  By Donna Spencer    SOCHI, Russia -- Some kids have a backyard rink built for them. Mike Riddle had a length of steel pipe constructed behind his house

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Is There a Workout Freestyle Skier, Mike Riddle Hates?

Because freestyle skiing requires shorter, more difficult workouts, Mike lacks the motivation when it comes to longer training sessions. For example, he ran the 10k last summer, and reflecting back

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Does Mike Riddle Feel Different After Having Won an Olympic Medal?

Mike said that whenever you tell someone you've won an Olympic medal, they accept you as legitimate. However, he said he doesn't feel any different after having medaled in Sochi. "I just know that

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What Does Excellence Mean to Freestyle Skier, Mike Riddle?

Mike's definition of excellence doesn't include success. Success is something that you hope to achieve as a professional athlete, but it's not something that will come because you've chosen to play

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What has been Mike Riddle's Biggest Challenge as a Professional?

Mike Riddle's setback came in the form of E. coli at age seventeen. He was in the hospital for 26 days on dialysis as a result of kidney failure. Mike said it took around two years to fully recover

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Mike Riddle's Professional Skiing Gear

Want To Ski like Mike Riddle? You Need To get Geared Up Like him First. Riddle sat down with us to talk about what ski equiptment he likes the most. 

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How does Mike Riddle Live with the Risks Of Freestyle Skiing?

For Mike Riddle and most extreme sport enthuasiasts, battling fear plays a bigger role than your physical ability. Mike said if an average person sees what he does for a living, they'd think he's i

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Skier Mike Riddle's Trick Training on the Trampoline

Off-season training is vital for all professional athletes. For Mike, being able to practice his bigger tricks during warmer times of the year without expending a lot of effort is extremely importa

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Mike Riddle's Favorite Place to Ski?

You'd think a professional freestyle skier would at least hesitate before deciding on their favorite place to ski. For Mike Riddle, the answer is easy.

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