Mirjam Jaeger


Freestyle Skier / Switzerland



Mirjam Jaeger is a professional freestyle skier from Switzerland. Jaeger’s skiing speciality is the halfpipe event, and over the years, she has been able to accomplish some notable finishes in the event. She placed 2nd the 2008 Winter X-Games in Aspen, Colorado and a gold medal in the Russian Freestyle Games in 2015. Mirjam also competed in the 2008 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

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November 9, 1982 (age 35)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)




Freestyle Skier


French, German, English, Swiss German, Spanish

Mirjam Jaeger's Biggest Challenge

Freestyle skier Mirjam Jaeger's biggest challenge may come as a surprise given her sport of choice; the cold. "Anyone who lives in Colorado knows what i'm talking about," Mirjam laughed. Colorado

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Mirjam Jaeger's Decision to Stay on Skis

Freestyle skier Mirjam Jaeger wasn't always stuck on the skis. When she was around nine years old, Jaeger tried out snowboarding. In 1991 she picked up the sport because "it was the co

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Have Mirjam Jaeger Send You A Personalized Tweet

For a limited time, Mirjam Jaeger is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them o

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Why Does Mirjam Jaeger Compete?

As a child growing up, Mirjam Jäeger was always competing. Early on as a figure skater and later with other sports, Mirjam found that competing really helped her handle pressure. She noticed as s

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Mirjam Jaeger Shares her Most Memorable Moments in her Professional Career

For Mirjam Jaeger, the most memorable moment of her career was the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. With a smile Mirjam shares, “You can’t top that”, given the atmosphere of nations competing and wo

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Mirjam Jaeger Journey to Professional Skiing

What is it like being a professional athlete? Mirjam Jaeger said she's "living a dream I never really planned." Jaeger went from wanting to be a pilot, to a lawyer, but always loving t

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Mirjam Helped Bring the Half Pipe to the Winter Olympics

Free style skier Mirjam Jaeger specializes in the half pipe and slope style, something that wasn't added to the olympics till 2014. Freestyle skiing had been a part of the games since 1988, but t

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How Are Mirjam's Workouts Different After Retirement?

How has Mirjam Jaeger's training changed since retirement? She said that before "I had to train, there was no excuse to not be in the gym or on the slopes." Now, she can train when and if she wan

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Mirjam Jaeger's First Day on Skis

Freestyle skier Mirjam Jaeger began her skiing career at a very early age. Her home country of Switzerland is one of the most popular in the world for skiing, so Mirjam Jaeger said she

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Mirjam Jaeger's Olympic Glory

In 2014, freestyle skier Mirjam Jaeger attended the Winter Olympics in Sochi. For an athlete, making it to the Olympics is the ultimate achievement in their sport. Jaeger reflected on

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Mirjam's Tough Decision to Retire

Mirjam Jaeger decided recently that it was time to retire, but not without putting years of thought into the choice. After her 3rd knee surgery she really began to question, "if it's a

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What Does Mirjam Jaeger Eat to Stay in Shape?

Every athlete has a specific diet while training and competing, mostly filled with carbs. Chicken and pasta are no stranger to a top competitor's plate. Mirjam Jaeger said that when sh

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Mirjam Jaeger DAHU Team Interview

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For Mirjam Jaeger, You Just Can't Top the Olympics as an Epic Career Highlight

For Mirjam Jaeger, the most memorable moment of her career was the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. With a smile Mirjam shares, “You can’t top that”, given the atmosphere of nations competing and

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Mirjam Jaeger Supports Pink Ribbon and Breast Cancer Awareness

Mirjam volunteers her time and likeness as a professional athlete to support Pink Ribbon, an internationally operated charity organization aimed to create a global community to support breast can

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Mirjam Jaeger's Professional Ski Gear

Mirjam Jaeger started skiing at the age of three years old. Over the course of her career, she has found what gear she lieks and what gear she doesnt. She sat down with Like A Pro to tell us what h

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Meet Mirjam Jaeger, Freestyle Olympic Skier, Model & Presenter from Zürich, Switzerland

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