Ryan Delaire

Defensive End / Carolina Panthers



Ryan Delaire is a professional football player from Windsor, Connecticut. In high school, Delaire was a multi-talented athlete, excelling in both basketball and football, yet chose to pursue football at the University of Massachusetts. Despite going undrafted, Ryan signed with the Carolina Panthers in 2015, and has played with them since.

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January 17, 1992 (age 26)


6 ft 4 in (193 cm)


265 lb (120 kg; 18 stone 13 lb)


Carolina Panthers


Defensive End

Junior Season

11.5 Sacks

Ryan Delaire's Segment on Good Morning Football

Ryan Delaire sat down with Good Morning Football to discuss the Panthers' Super Bowl hopes, division rivals and what he thinks held the team back this past season.

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What Causes does Ryan Delaire Support?

Ryan Delaire does work with the West Indian Foundation in his hometown of Hartford, Connecticut. “We did an event [that was] a golf tournament which [served as] a scholarship fund for kids going to

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What are Ryan Delaire's Hobbies?

Ryan Delaire of the Carolina Panthers says that reading books and playing video games are among his hobbies. More importantly, he enjoys “doing research.”   “I like to do a lot of r

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Ryan Delaire's Favorite Books

Ryan Delaire said that he always brings his Ipad or Kindle on flights so that he can read and pass the time. He is currently reading a book on how to be successful in life. “One book I like

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Ryan Delaire's Career Evolution

Ryan Delaire’s progression as a football player is a testament to his persistence and ability to overcome adversity. Out of high school, Delaire accepted a scholarship to the University of Massachu

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What are Ryan Delaire's post NFL plans?

Ryan Delaire is only a few years into his NFL career. After he retires, he cited real estate as a possible road for him in his post-NFL life. “I want to try to get engaged more into the community a

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Ryan Delaire's Favorite Athletes

Although Ryan Delaire plays for the Carolina Panthers, he admires the skill and playing style of Denver Broncos linebacker, Von Miller. In this video, Delaire explains why he appreciates Von, and n

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Does Ryan Delaire have any Nicknames?

The Carolina Panthers’ Ryan Delaire has an interesting nickname. His teammates call him “Flocka” in honor of rapper Waka Flocka Flame. “I’ve had [the nickname] since college,” he said.

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Ryan Delaire's Favorite Restaurant

Ryan Delaire’s favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-A, especially when he’s in a hurry. When there, he likes to order a spicy chicken sandwich with pepperjack cheese.

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Ryan Delaire Talks NFL Rookie Duties

Each NFL team has specific rituals or duties for their team’s rookies. In this video, Ryan Delaire talks about having to sing a song in front the entire team, and which rookie had the best song.

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What does Ryan Delaire try to Learn from Other NFL Players?

Being a young NFL player, the Carolina Panthers’ Ryan Delaire is still learning a lot about the way the league works. Ryan Delaire says that we pays close attention to his teammate and fellow defen

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Ryan Delaire's Nutrition Plan

To compliment his fitness regimen, Ryan Delaire maintains a healthy diet. He focuses on mostly eating vegetables and protein, but uses carbohydrates as his source for energy. In this video, Delaire

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Ryan Delaire and Shaun Draughn Reveal Their Super Bowl Picks

NFL players Shaun Draughn and Ryan Delaire offer their pro insight on who they think will win Super Bowl LI.

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What Kind of Music does Ryan Delaire Listen to?

Ryan Delaire of the Carolina Panthers likes to listen to rap, hip hop and RnB music. “My favorite artists are A$AP Rocky and Future,” Delaire said.

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Ryan Delaire's Favorite Athlete

Ryan Delaire’s favorite athlete is one of the all time bests in the history of professional basketball. “I really like watching Kobe Bryant just because he took the game so serious even as a rookie

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Ryan Delaire's Experience Playing in a National Championship

Carolina Panthers defensive end Ryan Delaire is a graduate of Towson University. While playing football for the Tigers in college, Delaire was a part of the 2013 squad that was runner up in the NCA

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Ryan Delaire Gets Game Ball Versus Tampa Bay

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Ryan Delaire's Favorite Memories from the 2016 NFL Season

The Carolina Panthers finished 6-10 in 2016 and missed the playoffs. But defensive end Ryan Delaire can still take some positives out of the disappointing results.  

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