Ryan Tucker

Midfielder / Chesapeake Bayhawks



Member of the 2012 USA U-19 Team that won a gold medal at the World Championships in Turku, Finland. In high school won fastest shot at Warrior top 40 game with a 97-mph shot. 

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May 28, 1991 (age 26)


6 ft 2 in (188 cm)


200 lb (91 kg; 14 stone 4 lb)


Chesapeake Bayhawks



First College Goal Vs


What does Ryan Tucker do in his Free Time?

When he’s not on the lacrosse field, Ryan Tucker likes to surf and be outdoors. “If I had a Saturday off to do whatever I wanted to do, I would probably be out surfing,” Tucker said.

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What's Something that Most People don't Know About Ryan Tucker?

Ryan Tucker shared something about himself that not many people know. “I tried to be funny, but they weren’t very funny and I tried to write some poems when I was a junior in college,

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Ryan Tucker's Advice to Young Lacrosse Players

Ryan Tucker has some advice for young athletes. “Find your passion early by just experiencing new things, getting out there and stepping outside your comfort zone," Tucker said. 

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Ryan Tucker's Toughest Teammates

Throughout high school, college and now as a pro, Ryan Tucker has played with some of lacrosse’s elite talent. In this video, Tucker lists two midfielders and a goalie who he thinks are his toughes

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Ryan Tucker's Life After Lax

When the day comes for Ryan Tucker to retire from professional lacrosse, he hopes to remain involved with the sport in some capacity. Already coaching for a local high school, Tucker loves experien

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Ryan Tucker's Training Regimen

Among school, work and everyday life, finding the time to stay in shape can be very difficult for professional lacrosse players. For Ryan Tucker, working with his trainer, Mike helps keep him in pe

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Ryan Tucker's Diet

In college, Ryan Tucker was working out every single day. Because of his high activity level, Tucker could eat whatever he wanted and still maintain his weight and fitness levels. However, now work

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What Qualities does Ryan Tucker look for in Teammates?

Ryan Tucker says that work ethic and humility are the biggest qualities that he enjoys seeing in teammates. “I’ve been fortunate enough to play with guys whose drive, motivation and w

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Why Did Ryan Tucker Begin Playing Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a family affair for the Tuckers. Ryan’s mother and father both currently coach at elite levels and grew up playing the sport. In this video, Tucker talks about the first team he played

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Ryan Tucker used to Play the Drums...Badly

Professional lacrosse player Ryan Tucker played the drums when he was younger, but wasn’t to hesitant to admit that he was not very good. “I wish that I had more musical talent and I

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Ryan Tucker's Favorite Leggings

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Ryan Tucker's Chipotle Order

Because of its convenience and superior nutritional value to other fast foods, many professional athletes love Chipotle. Ryan Tucker is no different, and in this video, he reveals his unique order

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Ryan Tucker's Funniest Teammate

Ryan Tucker believes that former UVA goalie, Conor McGee, is the funniest and most intelligent teammate he has ever played with. McGee graduated from one of the University’s most prestigious majors

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Ryan Tucker: Lacrosse Player and Gourmet Chef

Ryan Tucker’s skills extend past the lacrosse field, and into the kitchen. In this video, Tucker makes a long list of the best dishes he cooks, and his favorite cheat foods.

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What Drives Ryan Tucker to Compete?

Being a professional lacrosse player requires confidence, skill and the desire to succeed. For Ryan Tucker, he has found that being around people with the same mindset has helped him elevate his ga

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Ryan Tucker Gives Back to the Community

Ryan Tucker truly loves lacrosse. During the offseason, Tucker volunteers at camps all over the country in an ongoing effort to grow the sport. In addition to helping out at camps, Tucker spends hi

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Ryan Tucker on what it Means to be a Professional Athlete

Ryan Tucker believes that being a pro is all about forming a good relationship with the community and not getting too self absorbed in things. “I really think of lacrosse as the best

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Ryan Tucker On Field Lacrosse Head

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What does Ryan Tucker Hope to Pass on to People with Lacrosse?

For Ryan Tucker, professional lacrosse serves as a vehicle for him to give back in any way that he can, especially by helping out younger players. “Try to be that good big brother or

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Ryan Tucker's Favorite Lacrosse Players

Growing up, Ryan Tucker idolized Syracuse legend Mikey Powell. Although the two play different positions, Tucker always admired his tremendous skill and creativity on the field. In this video, Tuck

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Ryan Tucker Wins Rookie Of The Week

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How does Ryan Tucker Stay Motivated?

Staying motivated is a key element of the Chesapeake Bayhawks’ midfielder Ryan Tucker. Keeping an active routine helps him do that. “Whether it’s wall ball, yoga, footwork or a lift o

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Ryan Tucker's Biggest Professional Challenge

Professional lacrosse player Ryan Tucker says that his biggest challenge as a pro has been getting over the hump of becoming comfortable with playing against and with his childhood idols.

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Ryan Tucker's "Scooter Gang" At UVA

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Ryan Tucker's Least Favorite Workout

Although Ryan Tucker absolutely hates certain workouts, he knows that sometimes the worst exercises pay off the most on the field.

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Ryan Tucker's Favorite Music

Ryan Tucker of the Chesapeake Bayhawks is a huge fan of classic rock. “I love Led Zeppelin [and] the big names of classic rock,” he said. “I always jam out to the station ‘Classic Vin

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