Sage Karam

IndyCar Racer / IMSA Factory Lexus Team



Sage Karam is a professional racecar driver from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Karam’s professional career kicked off when he won the Road to Indy program in 2010, which allowed him to compete in the Star Mazda Championship in 2011. He has since competed in 4 different Indianapolis 500s, finishing in 9th place in 2014. Sage currently races under the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing Team.

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March 5, 1995 (age 23)


5 ft 11 in (180 cm)


175 lb (79 kg; 12 stone 7 lb)


IMSA Factory Lexus Team


IndyCar Racer

Notable Accomplishment

Karam won back-to-back oval races at the Milwaukee Mile and Iowa Speedway and finished fifth in points, winning rookie of the year honors.

Sage Karam: In the Pit with 3GT Racing

Follow 22-year-old driver Sage Karam from the track to his hometown of Nazareth, PA where his passion for wrestling has served him in the ultra-competitive world of sports car racing.

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Sage Karam's Indy 500 Socks

Sage Karam loves the American Flag socks that he will be wearing during the Indianapolis 500.

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How Sage Karam Handles Bad Weather at the Indy 500

Rain and bad weather have played a major role during Indy 500 qualifying. In this video, Sage Karam explains how he and his team are combatting the bad weather heading into race week.

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Sage's Favorite Things to Do in Indianapolis

Sage lists some of his favorite attractions, restaurants and stores that fans should visit while they are in Indianapolis.

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Mecum Auctions to Sponsor Karam's No. 24 Chevy in Indy 500

The world’s largest collector-car auction company, Mecum Auctions also sponsored Dreyer & Reinbold’s entry with driver Oriol Servia placing fourth in 2012 Indy 500. Mecum is also conducting its

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Does Jody Karam Get Nervous Before Sage's Races?

Similar to the racers they work with, trainers get nervous before big races. In this video, Jody Karam talks about the anxiety he feels for his son both before and during competition.

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Jody Karam Compares Wrestling and Indy Racing

Growing up, Sage Karam was an accomplished wrestler, and continues to work as his high school’s assistant wrestling coach. In this video, Jody Karam explains how wrestling has played a role in Sage

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Sage Karam's Parents at the Indy 500

Sage Karam is lucky to have both of his parents in Indianapolis to support him during the Indy 500. In this video, Sage talks about the role his parents play in his racing career.

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Sage Karam Loves Using GrubHub

Sage Karam is a big fan of the food delivery app, GrubHub. In this video, Sage explains how this service is helping him survive race week.

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Sage Karam's Pre-Race Music

Sage Karam uses music as a tool to help him get in the zone before big races. In this video, Sage reveals some of his favorite pump-up songs.

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Jody Karam Talks About Training His Son

Jody Karam has a very close relationship with his son both as a father and a trainer. In this video, Karam talks about the experience of training Sage, and how the duo handles this unique situation

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Have Sage Karam Send You A Personalized Tweet

For a limited time, Sage Karam is offering to do a custom Birthday/Congrats/etc tweet to the Twitter handle of your choice. Surprise your spouse or kids on their birthday, or congratulate them on a

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Sage Karam Shirt Video has IndyCar Buzzing

Social media was abuzz Wednesday with a new IndyCar video aimed at showing the lighter side of its drivers. In a spoof, race-winning driver Josef Newgarden asks people to help put a shirt

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Sage Karam's Favorite NFL Team

Sage Karam grew up cheering for the Miami Dolphins. However, recently his friends have been trying to convert him into a Cowboys fan, and he even bought an Ezekiel Elliott jersey.

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Sage Karam Talks Fantasy Football

Sage Karam loves to play fantasy football. In this video, he reveals his hysterical team name, his quarterback and the player who went first overall in his league's draft.

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Sage Karam's Dream Car

Any professional race car driver has their dream car, and Sage Karam let us know about his. "Obviously, cars are my life," he said when talking about what his favorites are. He recently purchased

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Gas Monkey Garage to sponsor Sage Karam in Indianapolis 500 bid

Sage Karam, who stunned Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a ninth-place finish in the 2014 Indianapolis 500 in his first Verizon IndyCar Series race, is scheduled to return to the 500 in May.

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Fetty Moves in With Sage Karam

Staff / Like A Pro   Man's best friend has found a new home with driver Sage Karam. His new Goldendoodle puppy, Fetty, is "off the wall crazy," according to

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What was Pro Race Car Driver Sage Karam's Biggest Challenge?

Athletes face many challenges in their career and racer Sage Karam is no exception. The challenges he faces are more financial than anything else because racing is a more expensive sport than many

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Sage Karam Takes a Plunge for the Special Olympics

A polar bear plunge is an event where participants dive into a body of freezing cold water. People usually subject themselves to the icy cold water to raise money for a charity or organization th

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Sage Karam Gives Back With Operation Smile & The Michael Fux Foundation

Since entering the professional level of his sport, Sage Karam has made working with charities a priority. He focuses on children's charities, specifically Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a n

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Pressure Driving IndyCar Whiz Kid Sage Karam Toward Greatness

MILFORD, N.J.—A white Mercedes sedan pulls through a massive stainless steel gate and eases up a long driveway to a sprawling Mediterranean-style ranch. The rear passenger door opens, and into a

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One-on-one with IndyCar rookie Sage Karam

Sage shares a few stories about being the rookie. While it's mostly fun, it can get a little annoying, as any rookie will tell you.  With some impressive car racing at an early age, the veteran r

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Why is Sage Karam an Oregon Ducks Fan?

Although Sage Karam grew up in the Midwest, he has always been a fan of the University of Oregon’s football team. Originally, the team’s color scheme and uniform combinations caught his eye, but

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Sage Karam Gets Pranked

Racer Sage Karam recently found himself with a new set of wheels, a hot pink Camaro! This coloring of car was not intentional, it was a prank by his other teammates. Each year the team

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Impressive Run by Sage Karam in the 100th Indy 500

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (May 29, 2016) – Young Sage Karam put on quite a show Sunday in the 100th Indianapolis 500 with his No. 24 Gas Monkey Energy Chevrolet for Dreyer & Reinbold – Kingdom

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The Start of Sage Karam's Career

When four year old Sage Karam's father bought him a go cart, the start of Karam's racing career had begun. From the first time he drove that cart, he loved the sport. His dad had a fri

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What Other Sports Did Sage Karam Play?

Sage Karam loves sports. Growing up he played baseball, football, wrestled and raced all at once. Although playing four sports is a major time commitment, he has always, “loved his athletics.”

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Sage and Jody Karam's Feud Over Tattoos

For years, Sage and Jody Karam have butted heads on whether or not Sage should be allowed to get a tattoo. In this video, Jody shares his side of the story, and how the two handled the situation.

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Sage Karam Grew Up Playing Football

In this video, Sage Karam explains why he played football as a Pee Wee and a High Schooler, but had to take a break in between.

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