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Sam Fuld is a former, professional baseball player for the Oakland Athletics. Fuld had a very successful collegiate career with Stanford University. Sam was a 2-time All-American during his time at Stanford and when he graduated, was the 2nd leading hitter in school history with 353 hits. Sam was then drafted 306th overall by the Chicago Cubs in the 2004 MLB Draft. He played for the Cubs until 2010, and was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays and then the Oakland Athletics shortly afterwards.

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November 20, 1981 (age 36)


5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


180 lb (82 kg; 12 stone 12 lb)





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Sam Fuld's Official Retirement Announcement

After eight seasons with the Cubs, Rays, A's and Twins, Sam Fuld is announcing his retirement from professional baseball. Although he will no longer be playing, he has already accepted a position i

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Will Sam Fuld Continue His Philanthropic Work in Retirement?

Sam Fuld wants his fans to know that despite moving on from playing in the MLB, he will continue all of his charity work for kids with Type 1 Diabetes.

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Sam Fuld's Bellyflop at Camp Joslin

Sam Fuld had a blast hanging out with campers at Camp Joslin, an overnight camp for kids with T1D. Sam strongly believes in creating as many positive memories as he can for these kids while they're

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Sam Fuld's Favorite MLB Stadium

Sam Fuld grew up in New Hampshire and was a diehard Boston Red Sox Fan. In this video, he admits that his favorite stadium to play in is Fenway Park, but also provides insight as to why playing the

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Sam Fuld Explains His Decision to Retire from the MLB

After eight season in the MLB, Sam Fuld has decided to retire from professional baseball. In this video, Fuld opens up about his decision to call it a career.

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Fan Dresses Up As Sam Fuld For Purim

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Sam Fuld’s Work With Organizations Focused On Type I Diabetes

After being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at the age of 10, MLB Outfielder Sam Fuld has had to navigate dealing with his disease while simultaneously playing at the elite level of baseball. It is

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How Sam Fuld Trains In The Offseason

With such a long grueling schedule during the spring and summer in the MLB, many players use the offseason to relax, recover, and then hit the grind again. MLB outfielder Sam Fuld talked to Like A

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Sam Fuld’s Nutritional Plan

In order to be at peak performance, athletes need to be careful about what food they consume. MLB Outfielder Sam Fuld talked to Like A Pro about what he does to maintain a healthy diet. Sam talked

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Sam Fuld’s Least Favorite Workout

Working out and getting ready for the upcoming 162-game season is vital to success in the MLB. In order to see results on the diamond you must put in work in the weight room. With that being said,

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Sam Fuld’s Favorite Food

Believe it or not, professional athletes also cheat on their diets. For MLB Outfielder Sam Fuld, the answer to the question “What is your favorite cheat food?” was easy. Sam talks about his love

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Sam Fuld’s Decision To Return To Stanford Instead Of Going Pros

After getting drafted in his Junior season, Sam Fuld had a big decision to make. To play his Senior season at Stanford and get a college degree, or go to the pros and develop in the Minor Leagues.

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Sam Fuld's Initial Reaction to the 2016 World Series

Sam Fuld recently sat down with Like A Pro to discuss the 2016 World Series. He noted that while the Chicago Cubs were heavy favorites, he knew it was going to be a great series. Despite injuries t

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Sam Fuld's Take on MLB Rain Delays

The rain delay during Game 7 of the 2016 World Series had a significant impact on the outcome of the series. In this video, Sam Fuld explains why he hates rain delays, and how it can be difficult t

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Sam Fuld Discusses the History of the World Series

Sam Fuld believes that 2016 was the greatest World Series of all time. While the Red Sox victory in 2004 also, “broke a curse”, the excitement and quality of  baseball between the Indians and Cubs

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Sam Fuld’s Favorite Baseball Players Growing Up

Growing up in the New England area, Sam Fuld grew up idolizing some famous Red Sox players. In this video Sam reveals who his favorites were.

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Sam Fuld’s Favorite Memories From Stanford Baseball

MLB outfielder Sam Fuld spoke with Like A Pro about his favorite memories playing at Stanford University. From getting his first hit to playing in Omaha for the College World Series, Sam reflected

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Sam Fuld’s Favorite Athletes

As a sports fan, Sam Fuld has come to respect other athletes in different sports other than baseball. Sam revealed to Like A Pro who he respects the most and talked to Like A Pro about how much h

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How Sam Fuld Started Playing Baseball

For professional baseball player Sam Fuld, baseball was always a part of his life. Although he played many different sports growing up, for Sam, baseball was always his favorite. Sam talked to Like

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Sam Fuld Talks Cubs' Roster

In this video, Sam Fuld praises the playing abilities of two Chicago Cubs players.

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Sam Fuld Amazing Throw

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