Sebastian Copeland

Polar Explorer / Enviornmental Activist



After graduating from UCLA’s Film School in 1987, Sebastian Copeland pursued a career in photography and cinematography. Sebastian honed his skills and transitioned into a more environmental and conservation-oriented field of photography. With this newly developed mindset, Copeland pointed his career in a more adventurous direction. He is now a very experienced adventurer and his photography has been seen in National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and Outdoor magazines. Sebastian has written books on his expeditions in Antarctica, and is heavily involved in environmental activism. He currently is on the Board of Directors of Global Green USA.

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April 3, 1964 (age 54)


6 ft 4 in (193 cm)


210 lb (95 kg; 15 stone 0 lb)


Enviornmental Activist


Polar Explorer

How does Sebastian Copeland Train?

Sebastian Copeland has been training routinely for 35 years and at the moment, trains six times a week for two hours per session. Copeland listed his routine to strengthen his core, glutes, thighs,

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Sebastian Copeland Supports Global Green

Global Green's Mission: We improve the lives of people by educating students and community members on climate change & resiliency, and assisting with the implementation of susta

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Sebastian Copeland's Favorite Apple Product

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Sebastian Copeland's Love of Film and Photography

Being a polar explorer seems like a career that requires all of one’s attention, but Sebastian Copeland certainly has other areas of interest. Copeland talks to Like A Pro about his love of film an

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How does One Become a Polar Explorer?

Sebastian Copeland is a polar explorer. His interest in exploring was sparked at a young age. Copeland talks about key figures that helped instill this passion for adventure and exploration.

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Pushing the Boundaries of what is Safe in Extreme Sports

Extreme sports are preceded by the word “extreme” for a reason. Pushing the limits is all but expected in such activities. Copeland talks about the pressure that polar explorers face both in the wi

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Sebastian Copeland's Favorite Places to Travel

As a polar explorer, Sebastian Copeland has been to many corners of the world and to places that probably more than 99% of the world's population have not. But forced to pick a couple of his favori

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How is Sebastian Copeland Preparing for His Upcoming Trip to the North Pole?

Polar explorer Sebastian Copeland is about a month away from beginning his latest excursion to the North Pole. As he prepares to begin his mission, he is tying up loose ends and intensifying his tr

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When On A Polar Expedition This Is The Tent Sebastian Copeland Uses

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Causes that Sebastian Copeland Supports

Throughout his life, Sebastian Copeland has developed a passion for the environment. He talks about his role with Global Green USA, which aims to increase sustainability in urban environments.

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How do Polar Explorers Experience Success?

With so much at stake in dangerous expeditions, success to Sebastian Copeland is much more than winning or losing. In this video Copeland talks about how he measures success.

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Sebastian Copeland Weighs in on the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines

In addition to being a polar explorer, Sebastian Copeland is an environmentalist. When asked about the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, his thoughts were crystal clear.

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Sebastian Copeland's Upcoming Expedition to the North Pole

Sebastian Copeland is planning a trip to the North Pole this February. Due to unprecedented meltings, the result of climate change, it is now much harder to actually get to the North Pole. The expe

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What Advice Would Sebastian Copeland Give to his Younger Self?

Sebastian Copeland says that he has no regrets in his life. Copeland says that he would warn against the dangers of complacency and stress the importance of never taking anything for granted.

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Sebastian Copeland Addresses Climate Change Deniers

Sebastian Copeland offered some thoughts on those out there that are staunch deniers of climate change. He talks about his strong beliefs in climate change and how he feels a responsibility to teac

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What Separates a Pro From an Amateur in the World of Polar Exploring?

In most of the major professional sports in the world, there’s a pretty clear line that separates professionals from amateurs. But the world of polar exploring is entirely different. Sebastian Cope

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Sebastian Copeland's Least Favorite Workout

It wouldn’t be a major surprise if Sebastian Copeland had a laundry list of workouts that he disliked having to do in the gym. The training regimen for a polar explorer is intense, but there was on

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How Does Sebastian Copeland Balance His Expeditions with Advocating for Climate Change Awareness

Sebastian Copeland is an environmentalist as well as a polar explorer. Balancing two things that he is passionate about is key. In this video, Copeland talks about this balance.

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Sebastian Copeland's Nutrition Plan

2007 was an extremely busy year for Sebastian Copeland. Hurricane Katrina had just devastated many states in the U.S. and former vice president Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth was relea

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Sebastian Copeland's Lecturing Career

Sebastian Copeland says that the year 2007 was a very important time for him as a lecturer and for the community of climate change proponents. Hurricane Katrina had just devastated many states in t

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What does Sebastian Copeland do to Relax?

With a rigorous schedule of training and travel, Sebastian Copeland rarely gets time off. But when asked what his favorite way to unwind was, his answer was simple, family.

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