Shaun Draughn

Running Back / New York Giants



Shaun Draughn is a professional football player from North Carolina. Draughn previously had a 4-year career at the University of North Carolina. Despite going undrafted in the 2011 NFL Draft, Shaun signed with the Washington Redskins as a free agent. Since his NFL debut, Draughn has a played Tailback for a variety of teams and was recently signed to a one-year contract with the New York Giants.

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December 7, 1987 (age 30)


6 ft 0 in (183 cm)


205 lb (93 kg; 14 stone 9 lb)


New York Giants


Running Back

College Attended

University Of North Carolina

Shaun Draughn on Playing in the NFL Undrafted

Despite having a stellar college career, Shaun Draughn was not selected in the NFL Draft. Determined to continue playing football, Draughn refused to allow being undrafted hinder his dream of playi

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Shaun Draughn and Competition in the NFL

Shaun Draughn has always prided himself on playing with an edge and being one of the most competitive players on the field. At times, Draughn’s pure passion for the game would affect his ability to

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Fatherhood with Shaun Draughn

Shaun Draughn’s favorite thing in the world is to spend time with his family. The Draughns currently have two young children; London and Camden. In this video, Draughn talks about his two wonderful

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Shaun Draughn Recalls his First NFL Touchdown

Although it came under “bittersweet” circumstances, Shaun Draughn says there is no feeling comparable to scoring your first NFL touchdown. In this video, Draughn talks about his first professional

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Shaun Draughn's Advice to Aspiring NFL Players

Although he admits that it might be cliche, Shaun Draughn says that believing in yourself is the most valuable advice he can give to aspiring NFL players. During his career path, Draughn had coache

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Shaun Draughn Enjoying Newfound Stability With San Francisco 49ers

  Eight different clubs appear on Shaun Draughn’s NFL transaction log. The focus for the running back is to make the most of his opportunity at destination No. 8 with the San Franci

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Shaun Draughn's Go-To Cheat Food

While he usually maintains a clean diet, Shaun Draughn loves to mix in the occasional cheat meal. In this video, Draughn reveals his all-time favorite fast food, and his go-to order from this class

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Shaun Draughn's Training Routine

Shaun Draughn believes that he was in peak physical condition in college. Now in the NFL, Draughn strives to maintain that same level of fitness by staying in touch with strength coaches from UNC.

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Shaun Draughn and Ryan Delaire Reveal their Super Bowl Picks

NFL players Shaun Draughn and Ryan Delaire offer their pro insight on who they think will win Super Bowl LI.

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What Does Shaun Draughn Do in His Free Time?

Away from the demands of an NFL schedule, Shaun Draughn loves spending time with his wife and two kids. Whether they’re hanging around the house, or traveling the globe, Draughn values time with hi

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Shaun Draughn's Funniest Locker Room Prank

Having played for eight NFL teams, Shaun Draughn has seen his fair share of locker room shenanigans. In this video, Draughn shares a hilarious story about his Kansas City Chiefs teammates messing w

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Shaun Draughn's Favorite Hobby

Shaun Draughn’s hidden talent is that he is an excellent guitar player. Originally interested in the drums, Draughn switched to the guitar late in high school because it was less expensive and easi

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When Did Shaun Draughn Start Playing Football?

Shaun Draughn began playing football at a young age. Having seen his older cousins play, Draughn was eager to join a team for as long as he could remember, but had to wait until the 4th grade to of

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Shaun Draughn Plays Guitar in His Free Time

Running back Shaun Draughn's hidden talent is discovered on this week's episode of Niner Talk.

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