Stephanie Roble

Skipper, bow, tactician, strategist / US Sailing



Stephanie Roble is a professional sailor for Old Dominion University. Stephanie grew up sailing on Lake Beulah in Wisconsin before sailing for a Division 1 college program. During her time at Old Dominion, Roble was named an All-American on two different seasons and captained the team during her senior year. She still currently sails competitively and her major aspiration in the world of sailing is to represent the United States in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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May 31, 1989 (age 28)


5 ft 3 in (160 cm)


US Sailing


Skipper, bow, tactician, strategist

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Without Limits & Elf

Stephanie Roble on Being a Wonder Woman

Following the release of the summer blockbuster movie Wonder Woman, we asked our female athletes what being a Wonder Woman means to them. In this video, competitive sailor Stephanie Roble gives her

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What Drives Stephanie Roble to Compete?

Whether it be out on the water, or in her everyday life, Steph Roble is an extremely competitive person. In this video, Roble explains how the challenge of improving fuels her to compete.

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Stephanie Roble's Work with 11th Hour Racing

Steph Roble is an ambassador for 11th Hour Racing. In this video, she talks about this organization, and why she is so passionate about sustainable boating practices.

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Who is Helping Steph Roble Prepare for the 2020 Olympics?

Although there are only people on the boat during a race, it takes a much larger group to help prepare Steph Roble for the Olympics. In this video, Roble talks about some of the people and resource

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Stephanie Roble's Career Evolution

Stephanie Roble began sailing at a very young age. In this video, Roble details how sailing transformed from a casual hobby to a passion.

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Stephanie Roble's Training Routine

People unfamiliar with sailing fail to realize how physically demanding the sport can be. In this video, Roble details some of her favorite workout routines, and why she needs to work on her streng

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Stephanie Roble's Taste in Music

Whether she is on the water or hanging out around the house, Stephanie Roble loves listening to music. In this video, Roble lists a few of her favorite artists, and how her mood determines her play

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The Beginning of Steph Roble's Sailing Career

Stephanie Roble began sailing when she was just five years old. In this video, Roble admits that she actually hated sailing when she was young, but over time began to appreciate what the sport prov

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Stephanie Roble's Days Off

Even when Stephanie Roble gets a day off from sailing, you will not catch her lounging around the house. In this video, she explains why although she may take days off from training, she still love

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Stephanie Roble's Biggest Challenge

Sailing is a challenging sport both physically and mentally. However, in addition to all of the on-water challenges, Steph Roble says the hardest thing about her sport has been managing relationshi

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Stephanie Roble Loves to Cook

In this video, Stephanie Roble explains how she searches through Pinterest to find inspiration for cooking.

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Stephanie Roble's Competitive Relationship

Stephanie Roble and her boyfriend, Taylor Canfield, are extremely competitive. In this video, Roble describes their healthy, competitive relationship

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What Does Being a Professional Mean to Steph Roble?

Steph Roble has dedicated her life to reaching the pinnacle of competitive sailing. In this video, Roble talks about the sacrifices and hard work she has put in to become a professional athlete.

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Stephanie Roble On Sailing With Taylor Canfield

Stephanie Roble sails both with and against her boyfriend, Taylor Canfield. Although Roble enjoys sailing together, she also appreciates when they co

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Stephanie Roble's Favorite Athletes

Stephanie Roble has a lot of respect and admiration for the female sailors who have set the standard for excellence in her sport. In this video, Roble expresses her, “obsession” with Lolo Jones and

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Stephanie Roble's Favorite Dish To Cook

Stephanie Roble enjoys cooking. In order to compliment her intense training regimen, she focuses on cooking healthy foods that coincide with her nutrition plan. In this video, Roble lists some of h

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Steph Roble Talks Concerts

In this video, Stephanie Roble details the best concerts she has ever attended.

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Steph Roble's Training for the 2020 Olympics

Although the teams won’t be official until closer to the games, Steph Roble has already begun training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In this video, she explains the qualifying process, and how he

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