Taryn Hemmings


Defender / Chicago Red Stars, Canberra United



Taryn Hemmings is a retired professional soccer player. She played for the University of Denver from 2004-2008 before being drafted by the Boston Breakers. She has played in Australia for Canberra United during the 2011-2012 off-season. She joined the Chicago Red Stars in 2013 in the new National Women’s Soccer League. She recently decided to retire. Hemmings is a founder and COO of Sweat Cosmetics, a cosmetic line for active beauty, and currently resides in her home state of Colorado.  

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April 26, 1986 (age 31)


5 ft 8 in (173 cm)


Chicago Red Stars, Canberra United



Taryn Hemmings' Road to Pro Soccer

Taryn Hemmings' path to the pros wasn't a conventional one. She played in high school and because her team won state, she was offered a spot on the soccer team at University of Denver. DU has a goo

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Taryn Hemmings's Professional Soccer Gear

Taryn sat down with us to share her gear she uses playing soccer. She shared with us her favorite cleats and shin guards she wore on the pitch.     

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What Does Former Pro Soccer Player Taryn Hemmings Think of the Wage Gap?

There has always been a difference in pay between male and female professional sports, causing many women's teams to speak out. The women's national soccer team has become very outspoken about thei

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Taryn Hemmings' Biggest Challenge

Ever pro athlete faces adversity in their career. For former pro soccer player Taryn Hemmings, the biggest challenge throughout her career was maintaining confidence.  "My path to being a professio

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Professional Soccer Defender, Taryn Hemmings Hangs Up the Cleats

Taryn Hemming's decision to retire from professional soccer didn't come easily. In March of 2016, Hemmings decided that her time playing professional soccer was over, but she quickly moved onto the

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What Does it Mean to Taryn Hemmings to be a Pro?

What does it mean to Taryn Hemmings to be a professional athlete? She talked with us about how when she was growing up, there weren't many female athletes to look up to. The 1999 World Cup champion

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From an Idea to a Company: Sweat Cosmetics Takes Off

Former pro soccer player Taryn Hemmings, along with other players, has created a new makeup line called Sweat Cosmetics. Taryn and Emily Hines, her Denver University teammate and friend, came up wi

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Assembling The Sweat Cosmetics Team

The Sweat Cosmetics team is made up of five former women's soccer players; Emily Hines, Courtney Jones, Leslie Osborne, Lindsay Tarpley, and Taryn Hemmings. Their product has been a sweeping succes

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