Terrance Ferguson

Shooting Guard / Oklahoma City Thunder



Terrance Ferguson is a professional basketball player from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ferguson moved to Dallas, Texas as a young child and found tremendous success playing High School basketball for both Prime Prep Academy and Advanced Preparatory Academy. By his senior year, Terrance was ranked 11 on ESPN 100. This impressive accolade helped Ferguson gain both national recognition and an invitation to the McDonald’s All-American game in which he scored 10 points for as a starter. Terrance decided to forgo playing college basketball and instead played overseas for Australia’s Adelaide 36ers. After a year of playing abroad, he then returned to the United States and he was selected by Oklahoma City 21st overall in the 2017 NBA draft.

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May 17, 1998 (age 19)


6 ft 7 in (201 cm)


185 lb (84 kg; 13 stone 3 lb)


Oklahoma City Thunder


Shooting Guard

McDonald's All-American

In 2016

Terrance Ferguson's Decision to Play in Australia

A growing trend for top NBA prospects is to opt out of a one-year college career and play a professional season overseas before the draft. Terrance Ferguson spoke with Like A Pro about his decision

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Terrance Ferguson on the Rise

  Jimmy Do | okcthunder.com In a few months time, Terrance Ferguson will be donning a Thunder jersey as he and his teammates strut off the court at Chesapeake Energy Arena. When he

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OKC Thunder Select Terrance Ferguson 21st Overall

Watch as the Oklahoma City Thunder use their 1st round pick to select the high flying Terrance Ferguson.

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Terrance Ferguson's Training and Practice Schedule

Terrance Ferguson might not be an NBA player yet, but his training schedule is quite similar to that of most NBA teams. In this video, Ferguson explains his daily practice schedule and his time pla

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Terrance Ferguson Ball Is Life Summer Mix

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Terrance Ferguson Looks to Fulfill a Promise

In this video, NBA prospect Terrance Ferguson talks about the first couple of selfless purchases he will make with an NBA contract, and reveals his dream cars.

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Terrance Ferguson's Favorite Memory from Team USA

During his three chances to wear the red, white and blue, Terrance Ferguson’s team never lost a single game. In this video, Ferguson reflects on the emotions of playing in this gold medal showdown

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Terrance Ferguson Talks About His Mother's Influence

Terrance Ferguson’s mother is one of his biggest role models. In this video, Ferguson talks about the example his mother set for him, and how it has shaped him on and off the basketball court.

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Terrance Ferguson Talks About Living in Australia

Terrance Ferguson is still getting acclimated to living halfway across the globe. In this video, Ferguson discusses his favorite thing about life down under, and what he missed most about the Unite

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Terrance Ferguson Previews the NBA Draft

Throughout his outstanding youth and high school career, Terrance Ferguson has solidified himself as one of the country’s most promising basketball stars. In this video, Ferguson talks about the pr

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Terrance Ferguson's Go-To Locker Room Prank

Terrance Ferguson loves joking around with his teammates. In this video, Ferguson shares one of the group’s favorite pranks to play on “newbies.”

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Terrance Ferguson's Taste in Music

Terrance Ferguson loves R&B and hip-hop. In this video, Ferguson talks about some of his favorite artists, and lists some of the songs he listens to during his pre-game routine.

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The Beginning of Terrance Ferguson's Basketball Career

Like many basketball stars, Terrance Ferguson began playing basketball at a young age. In this video, Ferguson talks about the beginning of his playing career, and some of his basketball role model

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Terrance Ferguson's Players' Tribune Article

I guess you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. When my mom and I landed in Adelaide in August after a brutal 21-hour flight from Dallas I didn’t see a single freaking kangar

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Terrance Ferguson's Favorite Food

Terrance Ferguson reveals his favorite food, and the best place to get it.

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Terrance Ferguson on Playing for Team USA

Terrance Ferguson has had the honor of playing for Team USA throughout his youth basketball career. In this video, Ferguson talks about the nerve racking reality of “decision day,” and the indescri

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Terrance Ferguson is Passionate About This Cause

Growing up in a single-parent household, Terrance Ferguson knows first hand the challenges that single parents face every day. Now in a position to give back, Ferguson wants to set up a foundation

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Terrance Ferguson Talks Netflix

Because Terrance Ferguson trains for six plus hours every day, when he is away from the court, he loves to relax and let his body recover. In this video, Ferguson talks about how he likes to relax,

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Terrance Ferguson's Diet

Because of his 6-foot-7 frame and mature demeanor, it’s easy to forget that Terrance Ferguson is still a teenager. But unlike most kids his age, Ferguson has to be careful about what he eats. In th

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