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Tucker Marshall is a professional skier from Vermont and has been skiing ever since he could walk. Marshall has come a long way since then and is currently the 12th ranked Slalom Skier in the United States. Tucker has also co-founded his current team, Redneck Racing Team.

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August 12, 1990 (age 27)


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A Bidding War Begins!

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Tucker Marshall Makes First Tracks in Killington

"Stoked on being the first one down the Killington Resort World Cup Trail." -Tucker

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Tucker Marshall Recaps His Season

The 2016-2017 ski season proved to be a great year for Redneck Racing. In this video, Marshall reflects on his personal and team success from this past season, and what has him encouraged about the

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Tucker Marshall Talks About His Career Goals

Although Tucker Marshall was happy to lower his world rank again this season, he is never completely satisfied. In this video, Marshall shares some of his ski racing aspirations, and why he always

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Tucker Marshall's Favorite Products

To ensure his video blog is always engaging and up to date, Tucker Marshall has a few key pieces of equipment he brings with him wherever he goes. In this video, Marshall reveals the everyday produ

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Tucker Marshall's Philanthropic Work

Tucker Marshall has done work with the YES program based in Boston. YES, standing for Youth Enrichment Services, gives inner-city youth the opportunity to experience the outdoors through skiing, hi

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Tucker Marshall's Diet

While some athletes, and some ski racers believe they can eat anything they want, Tucker Marshall does not subscribe to that theory. Instead, Marshall is very conscientious about what, and how much

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Tucker Marshall's Training

Tucker Marshall trains year-round to become a better skier. His typical training day includes 10 runs down the slalom course in the morning followed by some cardio or strength work in the afternoon

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Tucker Marshall's Favorite Athletes

Tucker Marshall has been watching professional skiing for as long as he remembers. In this video, Marshall lists some of his favorite skiers both past and present, and even gives a shout out to a p

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Tucker Marshall's Biggest Challenge as a Professional Skier

Ski racing is an extremely difficult sport. In addition to the physical demands, the mental challenges and risk of injury can be difficult to overcome. In this video, Tucker Marshall opens up about

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Tucker Marshall on the Creation of Redneck Racing

Tucker Marshall and his teammates created Redneck Racing in response to the increasing sanctions the United States Ski Team was placing on its racers. Being apart of their team is all about chasing

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Tucker Marshall makes change for ski gear

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The Beginning of Tucker Marshall's Video Blog

Tucker Marshall has gained popularity throughout the skiing world because of his incredible skill on the mountain, and his amazing video blog. In this video, Marshall shares how he got the idea to

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Tucker Marshall's Favorite Foods

Coming from an Italian family, Tucker Marshall loves eating pizza, pasta, and other traditional Italian dishes. In this video, Marshall reveals his favorite food, and the best place to get it in Ve

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Tucker Marshall's Favorite Electronics

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Tucker Marshall Shares a Fun Fact About Himself

Even Tucker Marshall’s biggest fans might not know this about him.

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When Did Tucker Marshall Begin Skiing?

Tucker Marshall started skiing when he was one year old. Both of his parents and his three older siblings all loved to ski, so Marshall was thrown into the sport at a very young age.

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