Fozzy Whittaker

Fozzy Whittaker Hopes to Turn His NFL Success into Fozzy's Football Frenzy

Staff | Like a Pro ——— 04.28.16 | 10:48PM


Fozzy Whittaker / Family Collection

Carolina Panthers running back, Fozzy Whittaker, recently began creating his own foundation for the kids in his hometown. The foundation is run via a football camp Fozzy leads for kids in his hometown in Pearland, Texas. "We're setting the foundation for the foundation," Whittaker said. This summer is his second time running the camp.

The camp is for all ages, free for those in 4th to 7th grade and $25 for 8th through 12th graders. He runs the camp with his wife and mother, who all have a passion for sports and education. "When I was younger, I wished I had someone teach me," Whittaker said. The mission of the foundation is to give kids a space to have fun while learning life lessons.

The camp is open to all kids, but Fozzy wants to specifically help kids from single parent households or underprivileged areas. It is important to Whittaker to reach out and help kids who are from situations they can't control. "It's always good to have help," Whittaker explained, and with the expansion of his foundation he believes he can enact real change.