Carla Rowland Zamora

How Does Carla Rowland Zamora Stay Motivated Even After Retirement?

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Surfer Carla Rowland Zamora has been surfing professionally and in retirement for the majority of her life. So what keeps her motivated? Zamora's motivating forces are simply to "stay happy, stay healthy," she said. Carla knows that for most, staying motivated to workout or stay fit is hard since "we tend to fall into ruts with daily routines," but this isn't as much of a problem for her. "I don't have a very monotonous routine," she said. She gets to change up her schedule on a daily basis.

Carla has lived int he Philippines, but since returning to the states admits the motivation to surf has been low not due to routine, but due to surfing conditions. "The cool water temperatures and crowds," found in Malibu are much different from what she surfed in the Philippines. Though the waters are much colder, Zamora still incorporates surfing into her everyday life.

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