Greta Neimanas

It's Time for Greta Neimanas to Chain Up the Bike

My Career

After a long career in professional cycling, Greta Neimanas has decided to retire. "I've had a good run," she said when asked what lead to her decision. There was a lot of thought, tears, and reflection put into the decision but ultimately she realized that retirement is what is best for her. There were a few factors leading up to the decision. From Greta's perspective, the thought of retirement became plausible after winning the world championship title. She said she came home and realized that if she were to walk away right then, she would have no regrets or further wants from her career.

Greta also had a bad crash in the past year, leading to a concussion. This time it's a priority to give her body the time needed to heal. With every concussion, the recovery time gets longer. Neimanas says that the rewards no longer outweigh the risks and now is the time to retire. Looking back on her career, Neimanas said she will always be thankful for the titles won, friends made, places traveled, and experiences had due to her career in cycling.

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